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Eurotek Garage Equipment Intro Package

£1,445.00£2,495.00 +VAT

**Price includes delivery & installation!


** Buy this intro package with assist arm and Super Spin Wheel Balancer and get FREE Delivery and FREE Installation! **

This is the Eurotek tyre changer and wheel balancer package 2, one of the most popular selling budget tyre changer and wheel balancer packages available today, and perfect for all kinds of garages and tyre service centres.

With over 10 years as a brand within the automotive servicing industry, you can rest assured that the Eurotek T2000Pro Fully automatic tyre changer can keep up with the ever-changing tyre market.

Alongside this, you receive the Mini Spin manual wheel balancer.

The Mini Spin wheel balancer is a part of the well-recognised Eurotek garage equipment range of wheel balancer machines. If you are looking for an affordable space-saving alternative to the standard motorised wheel balancer, then this is the perfect wheel balancer for you. Its dimensions are only 903*786*312MM which makes it incredibly small and ergonomic and because it is operated manually by hand rather than a motor you are saving massively in costs.

This tyre changer is suitable for both car tyre changing and motorcycle tyre changing when purchased with the tyre changer motorcycle adaptor and will reduce the turntable size down to 7″.


Super Spin Wheel Balancer

Add Eurotek super spin wheel balancer – self-calibrating motorised balancer with semi-auto data input to balancer wheels faster!

This is the Super Spin wheel balancer, it is the next-generation super spin wheel balancer and is a motorised wheel balancer with semi-automatic data input, so you don’t have to spend time manually entering all of the data you only have to input the width of the wheel. With years of experience within the automotive servicing industry, you can rest assured this Super Spin wheel balancer can keep up with the ever-changing wheel market. We have upgraded the body of the super spin wheel balancer with this slick new modern design which will be a great addition to any workshop or garage!

This wheel balancer is also suitable for both car and also motorcycle wheel balancing when purchased with the wheel balancer motorcycle adaptor.

Assist Arm

Add an assist arm – for both time-saving and less effort when changing all kinds of tyres!

The 3-point assist arm will allow you to tackle any size tyre including those stubborn low-profile tyres that are becoming fast becoming standard.

Add Both To Include An Assist Arm and Upgraded Wheel Balancer

Add both the super spin wheel balancer and assist arm – This package with super spin wheel balancer and assist arm on the tyre machine are all available for delivery to your premises at no extra cost!

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