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Andy Parsons Mobile Mechanic (APMM), a mainstay in the Middlemarsh community for the past decade, has undergone a major transformation to better serve his customers and an even wider range of vehicles.

Originally a mobile mechanic, Andy Parsons’ dedication and expertise quickly turned into a thriving business. After two years, he moved into a small workshop with a single lift, followed by another expansion to a larger unit with two additional staff and equipment in the form of another garage lift.

Now, driven by a commitment to continuous improvement, APMM has moved to a brand-new facility! This exciting upgrade allows them to expand their services to include Class 1 motorcycle MOTs, Class 4 car MOTs, and Class 7 commercial MOTs, catering to a wider range of vehicles than ever before.

To ensure they have the muscle to match their ambition, APMM partnered with Concept Garage Equipment for a comprehensive garage equipment upgrade.

Here’s a look at how we helped APMM power up for the future:

  • Lift Relocation: Our team efficiently relocated Andy’s existing equipment, including two Bendpack 2-post lifts – one boasting a 4-tonne capacity and the other a powerful 5-tonne capacity. This seamless relocation ensured minimal disruption and smooth transition into the new workspace.
  • Strategic Expansion: Recognising the need for additional lifting capabilities but wanting to limit the outlay costs, we supplied and installed a reconditioned 4-tonne, 2-post lift. This dependable workhorse will be a key player in APMM’s workshop, providing extra muscle for various tasks.
  • Seamless Integration of Used Equipment: Finally, our team expertly installed a 4-post Bradbury lift that Andy had purchased elsewhere. The placement was designed so that all of APMM’s equipment works cohesively to create a streamlined and efficient workflow.

At Concept Garage Equipment, we’re proud to be a part of APMM’s incredible growth story. Their dedication to providing top-notch vehicle and customer service and their investment in cutting-edge equipment is a true testament to their commitment to excellence. With this impressive new setup and multi-class MOT Bays, APMM is now fully equipped to handle every automotive need, from routine maintenance to complex repairs and MOT testing for a wide range of vehicles.

How to contact APMM in Middlemarsh

So next time your car needs some TLC, head down to the new APMM Andy Parsons Mobile Mechanic location in Middlemarsh. With their expanded capabilities and top-of-the-line equipment, they’re ready to get your vehicle back on the road, running smoothly!

APMM Andy Parsons Mobile Mechanic
The Old Saw Mills in Middlemarsh DT9 5QW

Currently Andy’s awaiting the landline to be installed at the new unit, but you can contact him on Facebook


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