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EV Fire Blankets

Concept Garage Equipment carry a range of EV equipment including a selection of EV Fire Blankets. From smaller fire blankets for vehicle Lithium Battery Packs, car EV fire blankets and larger XL fire blankets for trucks and van EV fires. If there is something you need that you don’t see here or to discuss your EV fire blanket requirements call us today on 0113 469 0572.

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  • EV Fire Blanket Wall Mounted Storage Box by Concept Garage Equipment

    EV Fire Blanket Wall Mount Storage Box

    £130.00 +VAT
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  • EV Fire Blanket by Concept Garage Equipment

    EV Car Fire Blanket 8 x 6 metres

    £848.40 +VAT
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  • Fire Blanket covering Lithium Batteries

    Fire Blanket for Lithium Batteries 4 x 3 metres

    £916.88 +VAT
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  • EV Fire Blanket and Wall Mounted Storage Box

    EV Fire Blanket and Storage Box Discount Combo

    £978.40 +VAT
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  • EV Fire Blanket XL Large Vehicle Covered

    EV Fire Blanket XL 12 x 9 metres

    £1,521.48 +VAT
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Fires in electric or hybrid vehicles are often caused by damaged batteries or manufacturing faults resulting in Thermal Runaway. This is when a cell short circuits, starting a fire that spreads from cell to cell.

When using lithium-ion batteries, it is important to be aware of the potential risks. The electrolyte used in these batteries typically contains hydrocarbon solvents which can ignite and fuel fires. Without proper monitoring, the resulting high temperatures can exceed 1,000°C+.

When deploying a ‘Fire Cloak’ Electric Vehicle Fire Blanket, covering the batteries, car or other EV vehicle that is on fire, the potential for combustion is minimized by depriving the fire of oxygen.

Additionally, because the fire is controlled, temperatures will drop rapidly, which in turn prevents damage to surrounding vehicles and property.

No the Fire Cloak™ EV fire blankets will not extinguish an EV fire, but it has been designed to contain and control the burn preventing collateral damage to surrounding vehicles and property.

Yes, the Fire Cloak™ EV fire blankets that we sell work equally as well on I.C.E. (internal combustion engine) vehicle fires and reduces the water required to put out the fire thus minimising polluted water run-off.

If the Fire Cloak™ EV fire blanket is used where an EV fire event is avoided, for example, when it is used to isolate a quarantined or suspicious vehicle that is
exhibiting an elevated battery temperature according to a Thermal Imaging Camera reading or hissing/popping sounds can be heard and the vehicle does NOT burst into flames, the answer is YES it can be reused PROVIDED THAT it has been fully checked for signs of mechanical damage, contamination or heat degradation and found to be fully undamaged before storage.

However, in general where any EV fire event has taken place the Fire Cloak™ EV fire blanket is not reusable. ANY fire blanket that is deployed on a vehicle that ultimately sets on fire or is already alight will result in the blanket material being heavily contaminated after use. There will probably be deposits of heavy metals such as nickel, manganese and cobalt along with other chemicals that could include HF acid, organic carbonates and PCB’s. ANY EV fire blanket would then need to be decontaminated and resealed before being used again. This is a specialised and expensive process.