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Air Conditioning Machines

Concept Garage Equipment supplies Air Conditioner Regas Machines both online and over the phone to garages across the UK. Concept GE offers car air conditioning machines that suit all automotive needs, from testing the temperature to regassing the air con. We can help your garage by supplying you with a wide range of car air conditioners.

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  • Sale! Portable Air Conditioner Dehumidifier Air Cooler Sealey SAC9002

    Portable Air Conditioner Dehumidifier Air Coolers

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  • Air Con Regas Machine Oksys ECOS 302R R134a by Concept Garage Equipment

    Air Con Regas Machine Oksys ECOS 302 R134a Charging Station

    £1,795.00£2,540.00 +VAT
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  • Air Con Regas Machine Oksys ECOS 302YF 302YF by Concept Garage Equipment

    Air Con Regas Machine Oksys ECOS 302YF Charging Station

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  • Air Con Regas Machine Oksys FAST 302YF R1234yf by Concept Garage Equipment

    Air Con Regas Machine Oksys FAST 302YF R1234yf Charging Station

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  • Air Con Regas Machine Oksys FAST 322 R134a by Concept Garage Equipment

    Air Con Regas Machine Oksys FAST 322 R134a Charging Station

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Vehicle air con machines are used to test and refill the refrigerant gas in vehicles, including cars, vans and heavy goods vehicles.

Air conditioner regassing is the process of extracting the old used refrigerant gas from the vehicle air conditioning system and replacing it with new A/C refrigerant such as R134a.  This process re-pressurises the air conditioning system, and will both help to maintain the system whilst ensuring that the air is maintained at the correct temperature, usually faults or the need to regas an a/c system are detected during the warmer months when it is not running cold enough, however a correctly operational air conditioning system can also help to keep vehicle windscreens clear during the winter months.

R-134a (chemical designation: 1,1,1,2-tetrafluoroethane) is a hydrofluorocarbon.  This is the most popular refrigerant used in air-conditioning equipment including car air con systems, and hence is often sold for use in car air conditioning regas machines.

It is recommended by most car manufacturers that Air Conditioner systems in cars are regassed every two years. However if you detect issues with a customers vehicle air con, or they are complaining of it not cooling the vehicle well enough it may need to be done more often.  It can also be affected by climate factors due to expansion and contraction as well as how frequently the AC is being used.

There can be several issues that cause the AC to not blow out cold air. A clogged or dirty air filter can be an issue as they can restrict the flow of air, making it hard for the AC to blow out cold air. The AC system also relies on many electrical components such as sensors and switches, if these components malfunction the AC may not blow out cold air correctly.

There are several reasons why having an air conditioning machine creates a profit.

  • Regassing is a service that is in demand. Having an air conditioning machine means that your garage can offer the essential service of regassing. In modern vehicles air conditioning systems are crucial for providing occupants comfort. In Spring and Summer, more people use their A/C which leads to more people realising their car A/C isn’t working and needs a regas. This produces a steady flow of customers in the warmer months and ultimately an increased revenue stream. Garages can maximise their profits during these high-demand months by increasing advertising and offering package deals.
  • Car regassing can be a gateway to providing additional services. When customers bring their cars for regassing the air con, it gives the garages an opportunity to identify and address other issues. Garages can make more profit due to having aircon regas as a service.
  • Having a garage that specialises in air conditioning services can create a niche market. By creating a niche market it allows them to become experts at air conditioning services, which enables them to offer more premium pricing. This can attract customers who value specialised knowledge and attention to detail, creating a strong brand image and loyal high-paying customers.

Read more and try our Air Con Regas Calculator to find out how much your garage could make from offering this valuable service year-round to your customers.

Read our blog post to find out more about Air Con regas machines, how they are used, and how they can help your garage business make more profit, as well as offering excellent customer service.