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Concept Garage Equipment offers a recoating service for Class 4 or Class 7 Roller Brake Testers to re-grit the surface and get the tyre grip restored to the rollers.

Our brake roller repair and maintenance service will renew Class 4 or Class 7 brake rollers, where the grit has worn away following many miles of usage, to restore a high quality, high grip surface that securely holds tyres during roller brake tests.

The re-gritting service for brake rollers can be performed on-site at your premises with minimal disruption to your business, so your RBT is out of action for the shortest time possible.

This RBT brake roller regritting service is *guaranteed for 6 months for class 7 rollers and 1 year for class 4 rollers.

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The RBT brake roller re-gritting process is as follows:

  1. The brake Roller is stripped of the existing coating
  2. The Roller is ground to bare metal
  3. All contaminants are removed from the roller
  4. A new adhesive coating is applied
  5. The fresh grit surface is applied to the adhesive coating
  6. Once dry the roller brake tester is ready to be used


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