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Motorcycle Lifts

Concept Garage Equipment can supply and install quality Motorcycle Lifts for all types of garages, workshops or MOT Bays. Scissor Motorcycle Lift Tables for Class 1&2 motorcycle MOT Bays and perfect for all professional motorcycle services. If you are unsure what motorcycle lift or other garage equipment you will need for your motorcycle workshop call us today on 0113 469 0572.

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  • Motorcycle Lift Table Eurotek BL500 from Concept Garage Equipment

    Motorcycle Lift – Eurotek Scissor Lift BL500

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A motorcycle lift is a device used to easily and safely raise a motorcycle off the ground for maintenance or storage. These motorcycle lifts are typically made of steel and powered by air or hydraulic cylinders.

Motorcycle lifts, sometimes called motorcycle lift tables or motorcycle ramps come in a variety of shapes and sizes, depending on the type, engine size and weight of the motorcycle you intend to work on.

The most common type of motorcycle lift is the scissor lift, which is a steel platform which uses a series of hydraulic cylinders to raise the motorcycle from the ground, and this type of motorcycle lift is usually found in garages that service and repair motorcycles, and within Class 1&2 motorcycle MOT Bays, which are capable of MOT testing motorcycles.

However, there are many other variations and styles of motorcycle lifts. Some are small, only designed to handle a simple small engined motorbike, this is the kind you would usually find in a home garage or a Class 1 MOT Bay.  And for Class 2 MOT Bays, for MOT testing larger motorcycles, a more robust motorcycle lift would be necessary.

At the other extreme, some larger motorbike lifts have front and side extensions making them long enough for a chopper and wide enough for an all-terrain vehicle (ATV).

Whether a garage needs a motorcycle lift depends on several factors, including the space available, the frequency of motorcycle maintenance and repairs, and the convenience desired by the owner.

A motorcycle scissor lift can be a valuable addition to a garage that specialises in motorcycle maintenance and especially for Class 1 & 2 MOT bays for motorcycle MOT testing as it provides a convenient and efficient way to lift and secure motorcycles.  Although a lift is not a necessity for a Class 1 & 2 MOT Bay, it will make maintenance tasks such as inspections, oil changes, and general repairs easier and safer.

Yes, some car lifts can be used for a motorcycle, but there are some important considerations to keep in mind. Car lifts are designed primarily for lifting and supporting the weight of cars and vans on 4 wheels, which are generally heavier and have larger dimensions compared to motorcycles. However, with proper adaptations and precautions, a car lift can be used to lift motorcycles safely and effectively. Here are some points to consider:

  • Adapters and Attachments: Some car lift manufacturers offer specialised motorcycle adapters or attachments that can be added to the lift arms. These adapters are designed to securely lift and support motorcycles by their frame or other suitable points.
  • Stability and Balance: Motorcycles have a smaller footprint than cars, so it's crucial to position the motorcycle properly on the lift to maintain stability and balance. Use additional supports or straps if needed to prevent tipping or wobbling.
  • Operator Safety: When using a car lift for a motorcycle, always follow safety guidelines and recommendations provided by the lift manufacturer. Use appropriate safety equipment, such as gloves and eye protection, and never exceed the lift's weight capacity.
  • Skill and Experience: Operating a car lift with a motorcycle requires some additional skill and experience to ensure a safe and stable lifting process. If you're unsure or inexperienced, consider seeking guidance from professionals or experienced motorcycle enthusiasts.

To find which car lifts are suitable for motorcycle use, contact Concept Garage Equipment today on 0113 469 0572.