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Concept Garage Equipment has a great choice of van lifts for sale.  We can supply and install quality van lifts for all types of garages and workshops or MOT test stations. We can supply vehicle lifts for all weights and sizes of standard or commercial vehicles. For car and van lifting in workshops and MOT Bays that need the best lifting solution. If you are unsure what you will need for your workshop call us today on 0113 469 0572.

We won’t be beaten on customer service, and more often than not we also won’t be beaten on price!

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  • MOT Class 7 Lift 4 Post 5 Tonne from Concept Garage Equipment

    Class 7 MOT Lift 4 Post 5 Tonne Lifting Capacity

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    2 Post Lift 5 Tonne Eurotek UT50 Van Lift with Van from Concept Garage Equipment

    £200 Off!

    2 Post Lift 5 Tonne Eurotek UT50E Van Lift 1 Phase or 3 Phase

    £3,195.00£3,295.00 +VAT
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  • 4-Post-Lift-service-lift-5-tonne-wheel-alignment-platform from Concept Garage Equipment

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    4 Post Service and Wheel Alignment Lift Eurotek 5 Tonne Lifting Capacity 5.7m

    £5,165.00£6,478.20 +VAT
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  • 4-Post-Lift-service-lift-5-tonne-wheel-alignment-platform from Concept Garage Equipment


    4 Post Service and Wheel Alignment Lift Eurotek 5 Tonne Lifting Capacity 5.1m

    £5,895.00£7,080.00 +VAT
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  • 2 Post Lift 5.0 Tonne Hydraulic 3Ph or 1Ph Baseless Overhead Gantry side by Tecalemit from Concept Garage Equipment

    2 Post Lift 5.0 Tonne Tecalemit Hydraulic Baseless Overhead Gantry 1 Phase or 3 Phase

    £8,895.00£9,095.00 +VAT
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  • Scissor Lift 5.0 Tonne Recessed 3 Phase Class 4 and 7 by Tecalemit from Concept Garage Equipment

    Scissor Lift 5.0 Tonne Service or Class 4 and Class 7 MOT (Recessed) 3 Phase

    £17,895.00 +VAT
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Commercial van lifts come in several types, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Here are the most common types of lifts to consider:

  1. Two-Post Lifts
    • Pros: Two-post lifts are known for their stability and versatility. They are often used for passenger cars, and small to medium-sized commercial vans.
    • Cons: These lifts take more space than trolley jacks or scissor lifts are bolted to the floor and require more floor space as well as roof height than both, which could be a limitation for smaller garages.
  2. Four-Post Lifts:
    • Pros: Four-post lifts are incredibly stable and offer a high weight capacity. They are ideal for larger commercial vans and trucks, but can still be used to work on smaller vehicles such as cars.
    • Cons: Having 4 posts and being anchored to the ground means these take more space than other types of lifts as the underside of the lift must be kept clear to access the underside of the cars or vans being worked on.  4 Post van lifts require ample ceiling height as well as a suitably large door opening to allow easy access.
  3. Scissor Lifts:
    • Pros: Scissor lifts are compact and versatile, making them suitable for various vehicle types. They are often used in alignment and brake work, and some are also mobile so are not restricted to a fixed location.
    • Cons: These lifts usually have a lower weight capacity compared to two-post and four-post lifts, so may not be suitable depending on the size of the vans you intend to work on.
  4. In-Ground Lifts:
    • Pros: In-ground lifts are permanent fixtures in a recess on the garage floor, offering stability and a clutter-free workspace.
    • Cons: Installation can be more expensive as it will require groundwork as well as bolting down.

All van lifts must be thoroughly examined by a competent person before they are first used (as per HSE803/69). This could be by the installing garage equipment company for example.

And also a thorough examination of the van lift is also required following ‘exceptional circumstances’, for example, if a lift is damaged following improper use, failing parts that need to be repaired or replaced, following a lift failure or fall, and following long periods of use.

1-phase power is the standard 240v electrical supply found in most households and smaller commercial facilities. It’s a single alternating current, making it suitable for lighter-duty applications.

3-phase power consists of three alternating currents at 415v, providing a more stable and powerful source of electricity.

For heavy-duty lifting operations and frequent use, a 3-phase power source is often preferred due to its increased reliability and efficiency. However, the availability of 3-phase power may vary depending on your location and facility, so it’s essential to ensure that your chosen commercial van lift matches the power source you have access to.