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MOT DVSA VT01 Application Process

DVSA VT01 form must be completed to apply to set up or change an MOT test station, including becoming an Authorised Examiner (the person or business that runs it).

Where to get the VT01 Form

You can download the VT01 form from the gov.uk website publications section regarding the VT01 application process, or by clicking this  VT01 Download Link.

After looking at the DVSA VT01 form for the first time the process can seem extremely daunting. The information below will give you everything you will ever need in completing the VT01 application yourself. Read on for all the supporting documents you will need to support your application.

Choose your MOT Equipment Supplier

Once you have decided you would like to become a new Authorised Examiner (AE) you will need to decide who will supply your new equipment. Your MOT equipment supplier will give you all the dimensions of your new MOT bay to help you determine the best layout for your garage or workshop making sure you make the best use of the space available. The layout of your bay is a fundamental part of the application process. There are some very important dimensions that you must adhere to ensure you are within Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) regulations. This will all be checked by DVSA at your on-site sign-off meeting with your local Vehicle Examiner (VE).

Starting the VT01 Application Process

Once you have decided on your supplier and you have the dimensions the next step is the VT01 application process itself. Take some time to study this document as any mistakes can be very time costly and may delay your application from being authorised.

You will also need to decide who will be your Authorised Examiner Designated Manager (AEDM). If you have one site and one director, then that is easy it must be that one person. If you have one site with multiple directors, then you must choose who would do the role of AEDM as it must be one of the directors. If you have multiple directors and more than one site, you may designate the role to a trusted manager. For sole traders and partnerships, it must be one of the partners or the sole trader. Again, if you are a multi-site business you may designate this role.

MOT tester or manager course

You need an MOT manager qualification course before you can become an Authorised Examiner Designated Manager (AEDM), also known as an MOT business manager.

Once you have decided who the AEDM will be you will now need to book the AEDM training course. Contact your local college or a quick internet search will tell you who your local training providers are, or use the handy search on the Gov.UK website for this at www.gov.uk/find-mot-course.  Once the course is complete the delegate will be issued a certificate. This can be included with your supporting documents. Although this isn’t required for your initial application and can be provided prior to your sign-off appointment with DVSA. DVSA will still issue you with the authorisation you need to commence with your project.

Before you start to fill in your VT01 form you will need to set up an account on the DVSA MOT Testing Service system (MTS). This is very quick and easy to do. Follow this link Record MOT test results – GOV.UK (www.gov.uk) and click the Start now button. Once your account is set up, this system will then email you an MTS I.D it should look something like ABCD1234, you will need this for your paperwork so make a note of it.

The next thing for you to do is to get together the additional documents that you will need in addition to support your VT01 application.

You will need –

  1. A solicitors letter – This should cover some very specific points such as confirmation that you have sole use of the premises and facilities for MOT purposes and that you have the correct planning in place in the first instance. It must also include evidence that you have a legally enforceable lease or that you own the land. It must also be on solicitor letterhead stationary.
  2. A basic Disclosure and Barring Service check (DBS) – This will provide you with a certificate number and share code. This is the part that is required for your VT01 application paperwork. You will need one of these for each partner in a partnership or each director or the sole trader. It’s recommended that you complete this last. The reason for this is due to the share code having an expiration date of 21 days after the issue date.
  3. A Computer-Aided Design (CAD) for your garage or workshop – This must include all the dimensions of your proposed new MOT bay layout. The bay must be installed exactly as the drawing indicates to allow the DVSA to sign you off as an approved Authorised Examiner. The CAD must also include a drawing number. Whoever completes the drawing for you will issue it with a number. This will be added to your VT01 later.
  4. Site plan – This is an image of your premises as an aerial It must indicate where the MOT bay will be located plus your customer entrance and parking, it must also indicate the location of the MOT notice board and show the surrounding area.

VT01 Form Completion

Now you have all your documents, your training is booked, and you have an account on the MTS system means that you can now fill in your DVSA VT01 application.

Start here –

VT01 Form MOT type of application help from Concept Garage Equipment

VT01 Form – Type of application is the start of this DVSA document

You can see listed on the right-hand side which sections you will need to fill in based on the type of application you are making. For example, if you have never owned an MOT bay before you will tick ‘apply to become an authorised Examiner (AE)’, and in this instance, you will need to complete sections A, B & D1. You will also tick ‘Apply to set up a new MOT Testing Station’. You will also need to complete sections C, D2 and D3.

Add the completed VT01 document to your supporting documents and it’s ready to submit.

Once it’s submitted the DVSA will look at the application and if everything is correct then it will be passed to your local Vehicle Examiner (AE). They will then issue you with an Agreement in Principle (AIP). This authorises you to commence with your project and the installation of the MOT equipment.

Installing your MOT Garage Equipment

At this point, you will instruct your garage equipment engineers to commence the setup of your MOT Bay, along with delivery, installation and training of your staff on the MOT Bay Equipment.

Following your equipment installation, you will then be ready for the next step in the process. You will now need to notify DVSA that your equipment is installed and that you would like your Vehicle Examiner (VE) to visit your garage and inspect the installation and paperwork. You will request the on-site DVSA visit by submitting a VT01-D document.

You will have been issued the VT01-D document when you received your Agreement in Principle (AIP). The VT01-D is a checklist and ensures everything is in order prior to your VE visit. This document must be accompanied by photographs taken from different angles of the MOT bay and various parts of your garage. You will also have been issued all your paperwork at this point such as calibration and installation certificates.

You will not be signed off without the relevant documents properly completed so make sure your garage equipment installation engineers give you all the paperwork you need. Once complete the VT01-D document is emailed to DVSA who will contact you to plan to visit your site.

Once the final site visit is complete the DVSA VE will send your file to their office to authorise your MOT bay to commence MOT testing.

Help with the VT01 Form

Concept Garage Equipment staff are experts in the MOT application process and we have helped hundreds of garages with the VT01 application process, as well as supplying their MOT Equipment where required.  If you are having trouble with the VT01 application process, no matter how big or small we can help.

We can offer you advice over the phone at 0113 469 0572, help with the application itself and on-site MOT Bay design, MOT equipment supply, installation and staff training in the correct use of the MOT equipment. 

Call us today on 0113 469 0572 or use the website contact form today, we are here to help.