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Roller Brake Testers

Concept Garage Equipment specialise in Roller Brake Testers (RBT) for MOT Bays. Each piece of MOT Equipment is selected, supplied and installed to meet the needs of your MOT Bay, to get your MOT business earning from the garage equipment as soon as possible.
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Roller brake testers, also known as RBTs, are tools that measure how much braking force is being applied to a vehicle's wheels when they are being used.

Mechanics and Bodyshop engineers use these brake testers to test the brakes on vehicles and also by car manufacturers and brake manufacturers to test the performance of their products before they are shipped. Roller brake testers are also used in MOT Bays to try and ensure the vehicle brakes work to a suitable degree to pass the MOT Test.  A failure of the brakes can be fatal to the driver of a vehicle and therefore is one of the most important tests in the MOT.

The RBT allows for a dynamic assessment of the braking system of a motor vehicle as if it were being used on a road, whilst the vehicle itself is in a relatively static condition. This type of brake tester is typically used in UK garages as part of an MOT/ATL inspection lane for the MOT test, as passing the brake test is part of the annual MOT test for vehicles in the UK.

Roller brake testers, or RBTs, are used to test the performance of brakes on vehicles.
The roller brake tester usually consists of a set of rollers, in a large metal unit, that is mounted into the ground, such that the car can easily drive onto the rollers. The rollers spin as the car accelerates, and when the brakes are applied the connected equipment, usually a PC running RBT software but may also be a connected tablet, will register whether the braking is safe and suitable to pass the recommended force determined as part of the MOT test.

There are three main types of roller brake testers:

Roller brake testers work by way of two sets of two large ceramic rollers (4 large rollers in total) linked to a computer running the RBT software. The wheels from one axle (front or rear) are driven to be positioned between the rollers and the rollers spin, these produce friction between the rollers and the vehicle tyres. As the brakes are applied the friction force increases and this figure will be collected by the roller brake tester system to assess the forces applied at each wheel.

Yes, a Roller Brake Tester can be re-coated. As shown in our example video below, the re-surfacing process involves removing the worn-out friction material from the rollers, grinding the roller to bare metal and applying a new adhesive coating before re-gritting the surface so that brake tests are accurate and true.

Concept Garage Equipment have a bespoke roller brake tester re-gritting service, and it can save you hundreds getting your RBT regritted vs replacing the rollers or the entire brake tester unit.

Roller Brake Tester Re-Gritting at Postlethwaites Garage