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Tool Calibration for Garage Equipment and MOT Bays

Elevating Your Garage’s Precision with Expert Tool Calibration

At Concept Garage Equipment, we are dedicated to technical excellence and supplying the best customer service, providing the highest standards in on-site calibration specifically tailored for workshop tools and equipment in the automotive sector.

Our commitment to delivering a reliable and high-quality tool calibration service sets us apart, ensuring that our tool calibrations are fast, on-site, and accurate helping your business do the best it can to serve your customers.

Comprehensive Tool Calibration Services

Our on-site calibration services cover an extensive range of workshop tools and equipment, including:

  • Airline Gauges/Tyre inflator calibration
  • Tyre Tread depth gauge calibration
  • Tyre pressure gauge calibration
  • Torque wrench calibration
  • Vernier Caliper calibration
  • Bore Gauge calibration
  • Multimeter calibration
  • Micrometer calibration
  • Wheel balancer calibration
  • Decelerometers calibration
  • Calibration of VAG equipment

We can also offer these specialised services:

  • Axle Stand load tests

  • Trolley Jack load tests

  • Engine Crane inspections

  • Hydraulic Press inspections

 Concept Garage Equipment’s versatile team is equipped to calibrate a wide variety of precision tools, ensuring your garage operates with accuracy and consistency.

Torque Wrench Calibration for Garages and MOT Bays

MOT Bay Equipment Calibration

MOT Bay equipment needs to be regularly serviced and calibrated, as per DVSA requirements. Some equipment calibration intervals may vary depending on the make and model of equipment.

Concept Garage Equipment understands MOT equipment and can offer a timely reminder for each piece of equipment that needs calibrating, our MOT equipment calibration experts can attend your site to perform the MOT equipment calibration and issue the calibration certification needed to remain compliant and continue MOT testing.

Why Choose Concept for Garage’s Tool Calibration?

Concept Garage Equipment understands the unique needs of the motor industry, already supplying garage equipment, tools and MOT Bay installations across the UK, we also offer a comprehensive on-site tool calibration service to meet franchising standards, dealer requirements, and ISO 9001 specifications.

Specialising in all garage tool calibration, from torque wrench calibration to VAG equipment, brake testers, tyre service equipment and everything in between, our tool calibration engineers have decades of garage industry experience, meaning Concept Garage Equipment know what is needed to deliver unparalleled on-site calibration services and ensure quality assurance to the motor industry across the UK.

If you have tools or garage equipment that needs calibration call Concept today on 0113 469 0572

On-Site Tool Calibration Excellence

Minimising downtime is crucial for your garage’s efficiency. Concept Garage Equipment boasts a team of mobile engineers ready to perform on-site calibrations, preventing prolonged disruptions to your operations. Our engineers collaborate with you to schedule visits at optimal times, offering one-off special calibrations, certification upon request, and expert assessments for each job.

Tool Calibration Reporting and Management

Our teams conduct on-site testing and calibration, providing detailed reports. We will also schedule and plan timely periodic calibration testing, offering assurance that your garage is always operating with precision.

The Tool Calibration Process

Tailored Calibration

Our on-site calibration services are tailored to meet the specific needs of your garage, adhering to:

  • Franchising standards
  • Dealer requirements
  • ISO 9001 specifications
  • Product liability and safety standards

Minimal Disruption

We understand the importance of keeping your tools in operation. Our calibration process ensures minimal disruption, with tools taken out of use only for the duration of the calibration.

Expert Adjustment and Advice

Our qualified tool calibration engineers not only perform calibrations but also provide expert advice on equipment condition, safety, and suitability for use. If adjustments are necessary, they are done promptly during the visit.

Certification and Documentation

We provide a comprehensive set of calibration documentation, including calibration control charts and high-quality certification. Our certificates are issued against equipment calibrated in UKAS-accredited laboratories, ensuring traceability to National Standards.

Scheduled Tool Calibrations

Concept Garage Equipment administers the entire calibration process, contacting clients in advance of recalibration visits and ensuring proper documentation. Our service includes the maintenance and administration of your tool calibration schedule.

Emergency/Replacement Tools

We can supply replacements for tools that fail calibration, ensuring work doesn’t stop. Our focus is on service, and we do all we can to keep the operation of your garage business working with little to no downtime.

Tool Calibration Frequently Asked Questions

Accurate tools are crucial for ensuring the safety and quality of your repairs. Inaccurate garage tools can lead to incorrect measurements, potentially compromising the safety of the mechanic, vehicle and driver. Regular calibration ensures tool accuracy and helps comply with UK garage regulations set out by governing bodies such as the DVSA and GEA.

Note: If it’s found that defective equipment has been used on jobs before testing you will need to determine and ultimately take the appropriate corrective action - this may include recall of the vehicles on which the defective equipment was used. We will provide as much help and information as possible to support the decision-making process.

Many tools require calibration, including torque wrenches, micrometers, pressure gauges, vernier calipers, and electrical testers.

As well as this, your MOT Bay also needs regular preventative maintenance and calibration.

Consult your tool or garage equipment manufacturers' recommendations for specific calibration intervals, or contact Concept Garage Equipment to check this for you.

Certification is issued against test equipment which has been calibrated in UKAS-accredited laboratories and is therefore traceable to National Standards.

Unless you have the necessary tool calibration equipment, expertise and accreditation then professional calibration is recommended. Professionals use certified equipment and follow strict procedures to ensure accurate results and compliance with regulations.

There is no legal requirement on the frequency of measuring equipment. Most garage equipment and tools have a manufacturer's recommendation to be calibrated every 12 months.

The two things people often have calibrated 6 monthly are tyre inflators & torque wrenches.  This is for insurance reasons or HGV fleet compliance.

Consult your manufacturer's documentation or warranty for your recommended period between calibrations, or contact Concept Garage Equipment to check this for you.

£175 would be the minimum cost you would expect to pay for garage tool calibrations.

There is no callout fee for this, but generally, we would calibrate a minimum of 10-12 tools during a single visit.

The cost for an MOT Bay calibration would be priced depending on the type and number of bays that you have operational, as well as the kind of equipment on each bay.

Contact Concept for Tool Calibration

Whether you are part of a dealership group, franchise, or an independent garage in England, Scotland, or Wales, Concept Garage Equipment is your trusted partner for precision tool calibration.

Call Concept GE on 0113 4690572 or head to our Contact Us page to schedule an on-site tool calibration visit.


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