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Truck Tyre Changers

Concept Garage Equipment can supply and install quality Truck Tyre Changers for all types of garages, workshops or MOT Bays. Branded Truck Tyre Machines for all Classes of MOT Bays and perfect for all professional truck services. If you are unsure what type of Commercial Tyre Changer you will need for your truck workshop call us today on 0113 469 0572.

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  • Hofmann Megaplan megamount 352 truck tyre changer

    Truck Tyre Changer Hofmann Megaplan megamount 352 1 Phase or 3 Phase

    £5,799.00 +VAT
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Truck tyre changers are specialized machines used in the automotive industry to remove and install tyres on trucks and other large commercial vehicles. These tyre machines are essential for handling the often heavy and bulky tyres found on trucks, buses, HGVs and other commercial vehicles. Truck tyre changers are designed to streamline the process of changing tyres, making them safer, more efficient, and less physically demanding for technicians.

These machines typically consist of a sturdy frame, a bead-breaking system (to separate the tyre bead from the rim), mounting and demounting tools, and often include a motorised turntable to assist in the tyre removal and installation process.

Truck tyre changers significantly speed up the tyre replacement process, reduce the risk of injury to technicians, and ensure proper tyre mounting for optimal performance and safety.

They are commonly used in truck service centres, commercial vehicle repair shops, and large automotive workshops where trucks and large commercial vehicles are serviced regularly.

There are several types of truck tyre changers available, each catering to different sizes of tyres and specific needs. Here are some common types:

  • Manual tyre Changers: These are basic tyre changers that require manual effort to operate. They are suitable for smaller truck tyres and are often used in low-volume shops or for occasional tyre changes.
  • Semi-automatic tyre Changers: Semi-automatic tyre changers incorporate some automated features, such as a motorised turntable for rotating the tyre. While some manual effort is still required, these machines make the process faster and less physically demanding compared to manual tyre changers.
  • Automatic tyre Changers: Automatic tyre changers are designed for efficiency and ease of use. They require minimal manual intervention, as they can perform many tasks automatically, including bead breaking, tyre removal, and installation. These are ideal for shops with high volumes of tyre changes.
  • Heavy-Duty Tyre Changers: Heavy-duty tyre changers are specifically built to handle large and heavy truck tyres commonly found on commercial vehicles, buses, and heavy trucks. They are equipped with powerful mechanisms and hydraulics to manage the increased weight and rigidity of these tyres.
  • Truck tyre Changer with Assist Arms: Some tyre changers feature assist arms that help with mounting and demounting truck tyres. These arms provide additional leverage and support to ease the process, especially with larger and more challenging tyre sizes.
  • Mobile tyre Changers: Mobile tyre changers are designed for on-site tyre servicing. They are mounted on a mobile platform, such as a trailer, and can be transported to different locations, making them ideal for roadside assistance or servicing vehicles in remote areas.
  • Multi-Purpose tyre Changers: These versatile machines are designed to handle a variety of tyre sizes, from smaller passenger car tyres to large truck tyres. They often include adjustable components to accommodate different tyre sizes and types.
  • Hydraulic-Powered Tyre Changers: Hydraulic-powered tyre changers utilise hydraulic systems to provide the force needed for bead breaking and tyre mounting. This is particularly useful for heavy-duty truck tyres that require significant force to handle.

Choosing the right type of truck tyre changer depends on factors such as the types of vehicles you'll be servicing, the volume of tyre changes, and the level of automation and convenience you require. It's essential to select a tyre changer that suits your specific needs to ensure efficient and safe tyre-changing operations.