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Forfar Technical Services Revs Up for MOT Testing with a State-of-the-Art Class 7 Bay!

Attention drivers in Angus, Scotland! Get ready for a brand new option for your car and commercial vehicle MOT testing needs.  Forfar Technical Services, a shining example of entrepreneurial spirit, is about to open its doors, offering a Class 7 MOT bay equipped with the latest technology.

Owned by David Philip, Forfar Technical Services is a dream come true. After years of working for a major car manufacturer, he deciding to take the leap and become his own boss, David invested in a brand-new garage focused solely on MOT testing. This commitment to a specific service ensures a laser focus on quality and efficiency.

The centrepiece of this exciting venture is a Class 7 MOT bay, expertly installed by Concept Garage Equipment. This bay boasts a comprehensive suite of equipment designed to handle even the most demanding commercial vehicles:

  • Class 7 4-Post MOT Lift: This robust Class 7 lift provides a stable platform for technicians to thoroughly inspect vehicles of all sizes and weights, from cars to light commercial vehicles, ensuring a comprehensive and safe MOT experience.
  • Class 7 Roller Brake Tester: A key component of any MOT, the Class 7 brake tester allows for precise evaluation of a vehicle’s braking performance, keeping our roads safer.
  • Headlamp Beam Tester: Proper headlight alignment is crucial for night-time visibility. The VTEQ headlamp beam tester we supplied ensures your vehicle’s lights are functioning correctly and don’t pose a hazard to other drivers.
  • Decelerometer: This vital piece of equipment by PROSOL measures a vehicle’s deceleration rate, providing valuable insights into braking efficiency.
  • Emissions Tester: Modern vehicles rely on complex emission control systems. The emissions tester by Premier Diagnostics ensure these systems are functioning properly and the vehicle meets environmental regulations.
  • MOT Ancillary Pack: Rounding out the equipment package is a PROSOL MOT ancillary pack, providing all the necessary tools and equipment for a comprehensive MOT test.

At Concept Garage Equipment, we’re thrilled to be a part of David Philip’s journey. His dedication to quality and his commitment to providing a valuable service to the Angus community are truly inspiring.

While Forfar Technical Services doesn’t have a website quite yet (they’re busy putting the finishing touches on everything and awaiting DVSA final sign-off), keep an eye out for their grand opening soon. With their state-of-the-art Class 7 MOT bay and David’s expertise, they’re sure to become a trusted partner for all your commercial vehicle MOT needs in Angus.

So, the next time your car, van, or other Class 4 or Class 7 commercial vehicle needs an MOT, keep Forfar Technical Services in mind. They’ll be ready to get you back on the road quickly and efficiently!

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