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Total Support for MOT Bays

£650.00£2,450.00 +VAT

Full MOT Station compliance for a single annual fee

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With decades of hands-on experience in the MOT industry across the UK, as well as offering Annual MOT Training, we now also offer a Total Support Package for MOT Stations. 

Working with ex-DVSA senior technical staff Senior staff, we can help with everything to keep an MOT Station compliant.

Total Support for MOT Stations

For one annual subscription, you get all of the following services included for a whole year in one package: 

  1. Independent Site Audits, with a full report and advice
  2. Quality Control tests
  3. Receive a detailed Test Quality Information report every month
  4. Classroom Annual Training and Assessment for your testers
  5. Representations against any DVSA disciplinary matters at no extra cost! 
  6. We supply you with a set of the policies that DVSA require you to have 
  7. We supply you with an interactive monthly MOT Station self-checklist 
  8. Telephone helpline 

Independent Site Audits, with a full report and advice. 

We come to you and do a full site audit, covering everything that DVSA does and more. 

We give you a full detailed report and all the helpful advice possible. 

These audits are conducted by a former DVSA Senior Officer 

 Quality Control tests 

On the audit, we conduct a Quality Control test on one of your testers. If you wish to have more than one QC test done or at more frequent intervals, we can do this for you as an extra add-on to your subscription. 

Receive a detailed Test Quality Information report every month 

You will automatically be signed up for our TQI Reporting service.  

We produce a report for you every month. If there are any exceptions to your testers' fail rate on any particular item or their average test times, the report will identify and highlight them.  The report contains: 

  • A list of IP addresses used in the month, so that you can trace any suspect activities. 
  • A summary of large differences between the testers' failure rates and the national average. This is both for the overall failures and for each test category. 
  • Average test times for each tester. 
  • A list of any excessively short and long test times during the month. 
  • Graphs of failure rates over a rolling 12-month period for all test categories. 
  • (DVSA only gives you 3 months of information and it is not in graphical form. Our graphs give you the leverage to show DVSA more accurately how you are performing) 
  • A list of all tests conducted out of normal testing hours. 
  • A section where you enter the details of what (if any) necessary remedial action is done and when. 

The reports save you a great deal of time and are a major factor in ensuring that your testers are fully compliant and that their standards and procedures are correct. 

These have helped some MOT Stations save their authorisation. DVSA Say goes above DVSA's minimum requirements. 

If you are a single tester station, having this service means that you won't need to have your bi-monthly QC tests done. 

Classroom Annual Training and Assessment for your testers  

The subscription includes the testers' attendance at one of our Annual Training Courses. 

The course will be local to you and you can choose the date/location you wish. 

If you have four or more testers, then we will come to you to deliver the training, if your premises are suitable for this. 

This is a classroom course taken by a former DVSA Senior Officer, where you are explained everything in detail and we make sure that all the students understand everything covered. There are lots of opportunities to ask the trainer questions (often on topics outside the syllabus).   

The Assessment is taken at the end of the course, with the trainer there to support the testers. 

Representations against any DVSA disciplinary matters at no extra cost! 

If you do get into any difficulties with DVSA, we will represent you in the disciplinary proceedings, without further charge. This service alone would cost about £700 a time. 

We supply you with a set of the policies that DVSA require you to have 

DVSA now require you to have a set of written policies to cover things like: 

  • Bookings policy
  • Data Protection Policy  
  • Dealing with complaints Policy  
  • Equipment Policy  
  • MOT Testing Staff Development Policy  
  • New Tester Policy 
  • Own vehicle testing Policy
  • Security  
  • Vehicles on site without the authority of the AE  

These would take a tremendous amount of time to write. If you had someone write them for you, it would cost many hundreds of pounds. 

The Total Support subscription includes these free of charge. You just need to write your MOT Station's details on the top of each policy. 

We supply you with an interactive monthly MOT Station self-checklist 

This checklist can be printed and written on and kept as a hard copy or it can be completed on a computer or tablet and saved each month electronically. 

This is a major boon in keeping your MOT station ship-shape and keeps you compliant.
This is strong evidence of good station management to show to DVSA. 

 Telephone helpline 

You can call us at any time if you have a query or need advice.  

This could be anything from "What class is this pick-up" to "How bad does an oil leak have to be to fail?"

 All this is provided for you in one subscription cost! 

 The cost of the subscription for a one-tester MOT station is just *£650 per year. 

The cost for a two-tester station is *£850 and for three testers is *£1050. 

 Prices for up to 10 testers are shown below, but please ask us for prices if you have more testers. 

You can add on extra services, such as extra site audits or extra QC tests. 

Each extra site audit is priced at £350 

Each extra QC is priced at £100 

If you have already booked and paid for this year's annual training, don't worry. We will deduct the cost of that from your first subscription. 

In the same way, if you are currently subscribed to our TQI reporting service, we will give you an equivalent discount for this, depending on the expiry date of your TQI subscription. 

 Our customers who are using the service are delighted with it, so we thought that all our customers should have the chance to benefit from it. 

  •  It's the best and easiest way of making sure you stay compliant and avoid mistakes. 
  • This service will give you peace of mind that you have nothing to fear from a visit from DVSA 
  • You will be confident that you are compliant 


To take out a subscription, simply buy online, or just give us a call at 0113 469 0572. 


What does it cost?


No. of MOT Testers at site *Subscription Fee
1 £650
2 £850
3 £1,050
4 £1,250
5 £1,450
6 £1,650
7 £1,850
8 £2,050
9 £2,250
10 £2,450

Optional Extras

Extra Site Audit £350
Extra QC £100

* All prices are subject to VAT, and correct at the time of writing, 15th September 2023 (please call to confirm the latest prices). 

Pay your way

There are several ways to pay for your MOT Station Total Support:

  • Pay online today by Credit Card, Paypal or BACS payment
  • Buy online today with nothing to pay, then pay in 3 monthly instalments from next month
  • Call us on 0113 469 0572 and we will send an invoice for payment by your chosen method