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Vacuum Cleaners

Concept Garage Equipment can supply Vacuum Cleaners from brand names such as Karcher including Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaners and standard Dry Vacuum Cleaners for use in commercial cleaning applications, garages, workshops and MOT Bays as well as for home users. If you are unsure what you need for your workshop call us today on 0113 469 0572.

We won’t be beaten on customer service, and more often than not we also won’t be beaten on price – so give us a try!

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  • Karcher Dry Vacuum Cleaner T 71 Classic by Concept Garage Equipment

    Vacuum Cleaner Karcher Professional T 7/1 Classic

    £88.00 +VAT
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  • Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner NT 301 Me Classic by Concept Garage Equipment

    Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner Karcher Professional NT 30/1 Me Classic

    £132.00 +VAT
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  • Karcher Window and Surface Vacuum WVP 10 Advanced by Concept Garage Equipment

    Handheld Window and Surface Vacuum Cleaner WVP 10 Advanced

    £156.00 +VAT
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  • Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner NT 481 240V by Concept Garage Equipment

    Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner Karcher Professional NT 48/1

    £279.00 +VAT
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  • Karcher Spray Extraction Cleaner Puzzi 81 C GB by Concept Garage Equipment

    Carpet and Upholstery Spray-Extraction Cleaner Karcher Professional Puzzi 8/1 C *GB

    £450.00 +VAT
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  • Karcher Sweeper KM 7020 C by Concept Garage Equipment

    Compact Push Sweeper Karcher Professional KM 70/20 C

    £620.00 +VAT
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  • Karcher Scrubber Dryer BR 4010 C by Concept Garage Equipment

    Floor Scrubber Drier Karcher Professional BR 40/10 C

    £2,250.00 +VAT
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Commercial vacuum cleaners, including those offered by Kärcher, are specifically engineered for heavy-duty cleaning tasks in commercial or industrial settings.

They are typically more robust, durable, and powerful than residential vacuum cleaners, enabling them to handle larger areas, high-traffic environments, and tougher cleaning challenges.

Commercial vacuum cleaners often feature larger dust capacities, longer power cords, and sturdier construction to withstand frequent and demanding use. On the other hand, residential vacuum cleaners are designed for typical household cleaning needs, offering convenience, manoeuvrability, and versatility for everyday use.

We stock Kärcher vacuum cleaners as they are known for manufacturing a wide range of high-quality and incredibly durable cleaning equipment, including both commercial and residential vacuum cleaners, and while their commercial models are predominantly engineered to meet the demands of professional cleaning applications, the vast majority of these can also be used by homeowners for household cleaning, but do check your requirements and sizing, and feel free to talk to our sales team on 0113 469 0572 to assist in your purchase decision.

Depending on the area of the garage you intend to use the vacuum cleaner on will determine the type of vacuum you will need.

For example, if you are looking for a heavy-duty machine for thoroughly cleaning and drying small to medium floors in a single pass, then something like the Karcher Floor Scrubber Drier Professional BR 40/10 C would fit the bill, it can easily reach under furniture thanks to the push handle that can be folded in both directions. It is ideal for fast cleaning as the two counter-rotating brushes and two rubber squeegees allow for floors to be clean and dry in a single pass. When floors with more scrubbing and detergent are needed, the vacuum system can be turned off for deeper cleaning.

If you are looking for a practical manual sweeper for indoor and outdoor use, rather than using a brush, then the Karcher Compact Push Sweeper Professional KM 70/20 C is just the ticket!

Unless you are looking for a wet and dry vacuum or something for domestic hoovering, then at the budget end of the scale is the Karcher Vacuum Cleaner Professional T 7/1 Classic which is a simple, light and ergonomic standard dry vacuum cleaner for commercial or domestic use.