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When we say we install lifts for garages, those garages are not always car servicing garages or MOT bays as you would expect.

Ward Plane Ltd is a tarmac business undertaking all aspects of road planning, including public roads, retail parks/industrial estates, supermarkets, parks and pathways. With a range of modern plant machinery and vehicles always on the go, keeping their vehicle fleet in top condition is essential for their business.

Hence for Ward Plane having a lift and workshop on site means they can maintain their vehicles themselves, both speeding up the process and keeping the costs down versus outsourcing the work to a local garage.

They were looking for a great 2-post lift, that could support up to 4-ton vehicles for inspection and maintenance, so they opted for the UT40E 4 Ton, 2 Post Lift with 3 phase power, a very popular 2 post lift, tried and tested by many of our customers.

The lift was delivered to site and installed by our lift engineers, and is already starting to pay for itself by saving Mark and the team at Ward Plane time and money.

2 Post Lift Supply, Installation, Service or Repair

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