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Not everything we install is brand new, and similarly, sometimes repairing what you have can save a fortune over replacing it with new equipment.

That was very much the case at Johnsons MOT in Kent this week, as they had a roller brake tester that had been installed some time ago and though it was working well in terms of the motors etc, most of the grit was worn from the rollers, causing tyres to slip and this can ultimately lead to invalid Roller Brake Tester readings, or MOT failures where the brakes of a vehicle are actually working fine!

Hence it made sense for Paul the garage owner to request we get these rollers re-gritted.  Booked in, and done and the rollers look as good as new, and all working well this roller brake tester should give Johnson’s many more years of service.

How to contact Johnson’s MOT in Kent

If you are based in Kent or surrounding areas and your car needs a service, repair or MOT test, call Paul to get booked in.

Johnsons MOT
Maidstone Rd, Staplehurst, Tonbridge, Kent. TN12 0RH

Tel. 01580 890378

A complimentary web link as Johnsons MOT in Kent does not currently have its own website:

Roller Brake Tester Supply, Installation, Re-Gritting or Repair

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