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Mr Ruddock is a busy guy, but in his spare time likes to maintain his vehicles in his garage at home.

Having struggled with an old car lift equipment in the past that was rusty and past its best, he decided it was time to up his game and upgrade to something a bit safer, more robust, but he was still keen to make the best use of the space in the garage he had available.

After talking to our head of sales, he agreed that the UT40E 1phase 2 Post Lift would be perfect for his needs, as it has a small footprint, so when not in use the bulk of the garage floor is clear, but when used it gives Mr Ruddock access under the vehicle with no compromise on safety.

He specifically requested that the lift be installed to the left of the garage next to the pillar, and also asked that the control box for the 2-post lift be moved onto the rear of the post to allow for extra space to walk between the lift and the right side wall.

As you can see, it was a tight fit, but we met all of the customers requirements whilst ensuring that the install was safe, that we met the legal requirements of 600mm between the lift post and the wall, and ensured that the lift was secure and fully tested before letting him set to work on his first vehicle maintenance job.

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