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EV Fire Blanket and Storage Box Discount Combo

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EV Car Fire Blanket & Wall Mounted Storage Box

The EV Car Fire Blanket by Prosol is manufactured from specialised quartz material with a silicon polymer coating.  This combination of high tec fabric engineering provides continuous high-temperature resistance.

Fires in electric or hybrid vehicles are often caused by damaged batteries or manufacturing faults resulting in Thermal Runaway. This is when a cell short circuits, starting a fire that spreads from cell to cell.

When using lithium-ion batteries, it is important to be aware of the potential risks. The electrolyte used in these batteries typically contains hydrocarbon solvents which can ignite and fuel fires. Without proper monitoring, the resulting high temperatures can exceed 1,000°C+.

When deploying a ‘Fire Cloak’ Electric Vehicle Fire Blanket, the potential for combustion is minimized by depriving the fire of oxygen. Additionally, because the fire is controlled, temperatures will drop rapidly, which in turn prevents damage to surrounding vehicles and property.

This fire blanket recently achieved the very highest certified standard relating to the fire-retardant properties of a product, read about this fantastic achievement.

EV Car Fire Blanket Storage Box

The EV Car Fire Blanket Storage Box is designed specifically to fit our EV Fire Blanket.


DIMENSIONS 8 x 6 metres
WEIGHT c.28kgs


HEIGHT 950 mm
WIDTH 400 mm
DEPTH 250 mm

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