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Motorcycle Tyre Changers

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Motorcycle tyre changers are used to remove tyres from motorcycle tyres, either for repair or replacement.

They assist the tyre fitter in securely holding the motorcycle wheel, usually by way of a clamp, such that either manual or automated tools can be used to level the tyre off the rim, and subsequently do the reverse to put a new or repaired tyre back onto the wheel rim.  With automated motorcycle tyre changers, they will also rotate the tyre during the removal and re-application process of the tyre.

The main types of motorcycle tyre changers are:

  • Manual (using tyre irons)
  • Floor-standing Mini tyre changer
  • Semi-automatic Tyre Changer
  • Fully automatic Tyre Changer

There are many different types of motorcycle tyre changers on the market today. While some are designed for easy use, others are more specialised. It is important to choose the right one for your needs.

Here are a few things to consider when choosing a motorcycle tyre changer:

  • Where do you intend to use the motorcycle tyre changer
  • The type of motorcycle you plan to work on
  • The size of the wheel rims, and of the tyres you will be removing or replacing
  • The engine size and therefore weight of the motorcycles you will be changing the tyres of

Motorcycle tyres can be changed manually using tyre irons, and a lot of elbow grease, but due to the construction of the tyres they can be quite hard, and also usually locked very tightly on the motorcycle wheel rims, since these tend to be high-speed vehicles that depend on both wheels staying put, they tend to be tighter and therefore harder to break the bead and remove than car tyres, so removing them manually without a machine or suitable leverage is not a good idea, though certainly the cheapest option.

Next, is a mini, or manual tyre changer, which is a static floor-standing metal device bolted to the ground, often with a built-in manual bead breaker but one which offers some leverage and a correctly shaped shoe or shovel, as well as an upright bar and clamps upon which the wheel can be mounted and held in place whilst you use manual tools or tyre irons to remove and replace the tyres.  This is an ideal device for a home garage small garage or occasional user, as it doesn't take up much space

For a garage or MOT Bay, the best motorcycle tyre changers are those that have the capability to do a quick and easy job, while being able to handle various wheel and tyre sizes, without damage to the wheel rim or tyre rubber.  For this reason, we would recommend one of the below types of motorcycle tyre changers for garages or professionals intending to change more than one or two motorcycle tyres per month.

Semi-automatic Motorcycle Tyre Changer - These semi-automatic tyre changers utilise a combination of manual and automatic controls. On this kind of motorcycle tyre fitting machine, the mounting head is held in place using a manual locking screw and handle. The mounting head is then pushed down on the hex bar into position by hand and locked in place with a lever.  These are larger machines, so need a dedicated area in which to operate.

Fully automatic MotorcycleTyre Changer - this type of fully-automated tyre changer is similar to a semi-automatic tyre changer, but the setup of the mounting head is more automated and the rear column is operated using a hydraulic piston tilting the rear column backwards and upwards to clear the tyre when not in use. When mounting the tyre, the mounting head is moved into position and locked into place automatically. These are the largest types of motorcycle tyre-changing machines, so need a larger area designated in which to operate.

Motorbike tyre changers are a valuable tool for motorcycle owners, garages and MOT Bays. There are many different types of bike tyre changers on the market, so it can be hard to find the best one for your needs.  Whichever one you choose, make sure you get the right size and make sure the motorcycle tyre changer is in good working order before you use it.

There are several reasons why you may want or need to replace a motorcycle tyre or tyres.  If for no other reason, most motorcycle tyre manufacturers recommend you should be changed every five years, or at least after 5 years of use or more, tyres should be examined every year by a professional tyre fitter or mechanic, and should not be used for daily use, or at any speed if the tyre is over 10 years old, as they will begin to deteriorate, even if this is not visible from the outside of the tyre.

Reasons why motorcycle tyre changes would be changed:

  • Every 5 years or what the manufacturer recommendations are
  • If the tread is worn below the legal limit at any point
  • Due to a puncture or other damage to the rubber or causing leakage
  • If the rubber perished or cracked on the tread or the sidewall
  • If there is a gap or damage to the bead where it sits on the rim
  • The cord or ply is exposed at any point
  • The tread rubber is starting to lift
  • The tyre has lumps, bumps or bulges
  • Any foreign material such as nail, screw or glass embedded in the rubber

If you feel your motorcycle is not handling as well as it should, this could indicate that there is an issue or puncture in one or both tyres, or a sign your tyres need to be replaced.  If the tyre condition or wear is impacting the handling or your confidence in the bike in any way, then you should have the tyre inspected and potentially replaced.