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Wheel Balancer Fully Automatic Hofmann Megaplan megaspin 420 1 Phase

£4,499.00 +VAT

Price includes delivery & installation!


This Hofmann Megaplan megaspin 420 wheel balancing machine is a fully automatic wheel balancer, with the unique “No Checkspin” technology built in, and 6 O’clock weight positioning makes this one of the best and most reliable wheel balancing wheel balancers on the market and comes in 240v for simple 1 phase operation.

This premium wheel balancer from industry experts Hofmann Megaplan comes with a unique ‘No Checkspin’ technology and 6 O’clock weight positioning, and utilises Super-Automatic 3D Data Entry to ensure the operator only has to select the weight position(s) and lower the hood.  Then 2 laser pointers guide the operator to the correct position for the weight to be fitted.  The rim is locked into position at the 6 O’clock position for weight fitting, so there is simply no room for error!

This super impressive wheel balancing machine also includes the revolutionary OWB (One Weight Balance) mode. In this mode, the wheel balancer will intelligently assess the positions of the inner and outer wheel imbalances to determine if they can be used to counter each other and determine the best place to add the weight. The result is that approximately 70% of jobs can use one weight to counter both static and dynamic imbalances, saving both time and money!

Other features include sonar to measure the rim width, an automatic LED that lights up whenever a weight position is being chosen and an ergonomic design which sees the balancing shaft brought forward and the chassis narrowed to allow unimpeded access when selecting positions or applying weights.


  • “No Checkspin” technology
  • 6 O’clock weight positioning
  • Super-Automatic 3D data input
  • OWB (One Weight Balance) mode




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