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Wheel Balancer Tecalemit Tiro Plus Automatic for Car or Motorcycle

£1,495.00 +VAT

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The Tecalemit Tiro Plus Electronic Wheel Balancer offers provides the proven performance required in modern, demanding tyre shops, features automatic data input for ease of operator use as well as a 12-month warranty.

This Wheel Balancing machine has 6 programs (2 for motorcycle wheel balancing) which simplifies the selection of appropriate weight position on the rim and has a timesaving wheel data memory function that stores up to four wheel size combinations

An optimisation program allows for the economical use of balance weights, while the ‘Hidden Weight’ program allows the operator to improve the visual presentation of alloy wheels.

The automatic positioning lock provides the operator with easy weight placement.

The unit comes with three centring cones and storage for six, while the ergonomically designed top storage tray provides ample storage for balance weights and consumables.


  • Cone 1 – 43 to 64 mm
  • Cone 2 – 59 to 83 mm
  • Cone 3 – 81 to 110 mm
  • Additional cone options are available – call 0113 469 0572 for further options you require


  • Centreless wheel adaptor – CGE-HAW/405818108
  • Motorcycle balancing adaptor – CGE-HAW/815818010
  • Light truck cone & spacer – CGE-HAW/150400091

Please call 0113 469 0572 to discuss and order the correct accessories with this wheel balancer.


  • Computerised data measurement and processing – Fast and accurate
  • 6 o’clock adhesive weight positioning option (selected programs)
  • Automatic wheel rotation and positioning with simple touch button operation for easy operator control
  • A quick calibration attachment allows the operator to re-calibrate without a wheel, tyre, and weight combination
  • Six balancing programs accommodate both adhesive and knock-on wheel weights
  • Suitable for steel, alloy and light alloy rims
  • Ergonomic keyboard and weight holder design
  • Easy to use with ample well-organised weight storage
  • Integral cone holder for six cones
  • Safe and easy storage to minimise operator time wastage
  • Automatic calibration system
  • Reduces errors from incorrect program selection
  • Supplied with three cones, wingnut, measuring callipers and weight pliers
  • Ready to use, just add consumables


Wheel Diameter 10”- 30”
Wheel Width 2”- 15”
Imbalance Indication Accuracy 1g
Measurement Time (Approx.) 7 secs
Max. Wheel Weight 75kg
Drive Motor Rating 80W
Rotation Speed During Measurement 160rpm
Power Supply 230v 50Hz
Overall dimensions – With wheel holder (no hood) 1000 x 580 x 900mm
Overall dimensions – With the hood open 1170 x 1000 x 1450mm

*TERMS & CONDITIONS APPLY – 12 Months Parts and Labour Warranty

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