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Mortons Dairies, a family-run business based in Merseyside, has an eighty-year history of delivering milk in the North West. It has significantly grown since its start in the 1920s. With six depots and a team of over 180 employees, Mortons is dedicated to providing quality products to its customers. Alongside being a leading dairy wholesaler and supplier, Mortons offers a wide range of additional products. This includes fresh fruit juices, bread, cheese, and other everyday essentials, catering to the diverse needs of its valued customers.

For a company that caters to a customer base of over 55,000, the upkeep of its fleet of vehicles is of utmost importance. Mortons, recognising this, has established a dedicated workshop for servicing and repairing its vehicles, in addition to workshop facilities in two of its depots. These workshops are already home to a range of reliable Tecalemit equipment. So, when the need for a new 2-post lift arose, Mortons sought guidance from Tecalemit’s Sales Manager for Northern England.

Choosing the Best Vehicle Lifting Solution

Together, they decided on an SF/9025 5.0t, heavy-duty 2-post lift, a substantial lift suitable for lifting larger, commercial-based vehicles. The lift’s symmetric arms can easily lift long-wheelbase vehicles, and the drive-through width of 2.7m accommodates most LGVs. It also benefits from a baseless design with a clear floor between columns. This design allows equipment to be easily positioned underneath a vehicle without being dragged over a raised base frame, enhancing efficiency and safety.

With the equipment selected, the next step was its installation. To meet Mortons’ timescale, Tecalemit enlisted the services of Concept Garage Equipment, a trusted installation partner. Concept’s highly trained lift engineers swiftly and professionally installed the equipment, having the lift up and running within a day. With everything complete and tidied away, the team at Mortons’ were operational, confident in the quality of their new equipment.

2 Post Lift Supply, Installation, Service or Repair

Concept Garage Equipment are always happy to work alongside other garage equipment suppliers, and Tecalemit were a pleasure to partner with on this particular project.

If you are looking for a new or used 2-post car lift installation for your garage, MOT Bay or even for your home, dairy or any other business location, give Concept a call to get booked in for a quote, site survey or simply order your 2 post lift online today.

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