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Shufix Garage is a garage based in Uxbridge, West London. The garage is relatively new and is due to open in a few weeks under the watchful eye of owner Shaful Miah.

The garage will be doing Class 4 MOT testing and vehicle servicing work for all all makes and models, but is based in quite a narrow unit and the owner wanted to make the best use of the space whilst upgrading to a Class 4 MOT Bay.

Having assessed and measured up the available space, Concept were able to advise that the addition of a drive-through Class 4 MOT Bay could work well, and with the addition of a extra 2 post lift to the rear of the unit it would make the best use of the space available, and maximise the amount of cars that could be worked on.

As well as measuring up, and creating a detailed CAD site plan, we also worked closely with Shaful to get his VT01 documentation prepared and signed off by DVSA.

Once approved the following equipment was delivered and installed by our expert engineers:

As shown in the pictures, the unit was transformed into a fully functioning MOT Bay with a 4 Post Lift for MOT testing, and subsequently we added a 2 Post Lift at the end of the workshop for additional service work, making great use of the space available, whilst being fully compliant with all DVSA regulations.

How to contact Shufix Garage in Uxbridge

If you are based in Uxbridge or surrounding areas of West London and your car is in need of MOT or Service, call Shaful at Shufix to get booked in.

Shufix Limited
Unit 2A, Arun Buildings, Arundel Road, Uxbridge Industrial Estate, Uxbridge UB8 2RP

Tel. 01628 560448

A complimentary web link as Shufix Garage does not currently have its own website:

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