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Car tyres are an essential component of any vehicle. They are the only component connecting the car to the ground and good tyres ensure that the driver and passengers have a smooth and safe driving experience. However, tyres need to be changed periodically to ensure optimal performance, safety, and longevity, or if they get damaged and this is where car tyre changers come in very handy indeed.

Car tyre changers are devices that help to change the tyres on your car. They come in various types and sizes, and their features vary widely. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the different types of car tyre changers and their features.

Manual Tyre Changers

Manual tyre changers are the cheapest, most basic type of tyre changers. They consist of a base, a spindle, and a tyre mounting tool. The spindle is used to mount the tyre, while the mounting tool is used to separate the tyre from the rim. The base simply keeps the device stable while you work.

Manual tyre changers are lightweight and easy to use. They are a good option for home mechanics or for people who change their car tyres infrequently. However, they require a significant amount of physical effort to use, and they can be challenging to use for people who lack mechanical experience.

Semi-Automatic Tyre Changers

Semi-automatic tyre changers are a step up from manual tyre changers. They feature a motorised spindle that makes it easier to mount and dismount tyres. Semi-automatic tyre changers also usually feature a bead breaker which pushes the tyre away from the rim and that helps to loosen the rubber tyre (breaking the bead) before removal.

Semi-automatic tyre changers are a good option for professional mechanics or people who change car tyres more frequently than a home user but still take some physical effort. They are more expensive than manual tyre changers, but they are faster and easier to use.

Fully Automatic Tyre Changers

Fully automatic tyre changers are the most advanced type of tyre changers. They are fully motorised and require little physical effort to operate. Fully automatic tyre changers can mount and dismount tyres quickly and efficiently.

Fully automatic tyre changers are the best option for professional mechanics or people who frequently change car tyres. They are also the most expensive type of tyre changers.

Mobile tyre changers

Mobile tyre changers are a convenient and efficient way to change tyres on the go. These devices are designed to be transported easily and can be set up quickly at the site of the job.

Mobile tyre changers are commonly used by professional mechanics who provide tyre services to customers in remote locations or on the side of the road. These machines are equipped with all the same features as static tyre changers to mount and dismount tyres quickly and efficiently, including a motorised spindle, bead breaker, and tyre mounting tool.

Mobile tyre changers are often the same tyre changers used in garages and workshops but are fitted into the back of a mobile tyre fitting van and powered from the vehicle battery by way of an electrical inverter and split charging system.

Overall, mobile tyre changers offer a convenient and reliable solution for changing car tyres anywhere, anytime.

Leverless Tyre Machines

In recent years, leverless tyre machines have become increasingly popular among professional mechanics, garages and tyre shops.

Leverless tyre machines use advanced technology to mount and dismount tyres without the use of traditional tyre levers. Instead, they use a series of rollers and arms to gently manipulate the tyre onto the rim.

Leverless tyre machines are faster, more efficient, and less likely to damage the tyre or rim compared to traditional tyre changers, especially when dealing with expensive alloy wheels, you may still need a wheel protector, but they are far less likely to suffer any serious damage with a leverless tyre changer.

This type of tyre machine also tends to be more expensive than other types of tyre changers, but they are becoming more accessible as the technology becomes more widespread. Leverless tyre machines are a great option for professionals who need to change tyres quickly and efficiently while minimizing the risk of damage.

What Is the Best Tyre Changing Machine?

There are many different types of tyre-changing machines available today. Some are designed for professional use while others are made for smaller applications including domestic use.

The tyre changer that is best for you depends on what type of vehicles you plan to work on, the number of tyres you intend to be changing, whether you have a commercial garage, high-street car MOT Bay or simply tyre sales as well as what both your budget and your personal preferences are.

What is supplied in a Car Tyre Changing Package?

A Car Tyre Changing Package can be a cost-effective way to get up and running fast in the tyre changing business, for a new garage this can get them started and the equipment paying for itself within days of purchase.

Each garage equipment package sold by Concept Garage Equipment comes with a tyre changer and wheel balancing machine, perfectly matched to suit your budget, size of garage and planned application, from motorcycle tyre changing, and car repairs through to HGV tyre changing, giving the right equipment for you, and at a price that you can afford.  We also offer garage equipment finance for tyre changing packages, so that you can pay in regular instalments, but benefit from getting the tyre changing equipment as soon as possible, hence being able to start earning from the garage equipment, which effectively pays for itself, once paid for it’s all profit for your garage, workshop or MOT Bay.

How to change a car tyre using a Tyre Changer

To change a car tyre using a tyre changer, first, loosen the wheel nuts on the tyre you want to change using a suitable wrench or powered tool and correctly sized wheel nut.  Next, lift the car using a jack, or vehicle lift and remove the wheel nuts completely.

Then, use the tyre changer to break the bead, and remove the tyre from the rim, either manually or with its motorised spindle.

Check and change the valve if necessary, before mounting the new tyre onto the rim, making sure it is properly aligned and seated, before fully inflating to the correct PSI.

Finally, mount the new tyre onto the car’s hub, and tighten the wheel nuts. Lower the car to the ground before fully tightening the wheel nuts again to the manufacturer’s recommendation to ensure they are secure. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when using a tyre changer and make sure to wear appropriate safety gear, such as gloves and eye protection.

If you are just starting out as a mechanic, or upgrading your garage to change tyres also, then our essential guide to how to change car tyres using a Tyre Changer may be very useful to read

In this article, we will describe in detail how to change a car tyre using an automatic tyre-changing machine or semi-automatic tyre changer.

Let Concept GE help with your Tyre Changing choice

Car tyre changers are an essential tool for any busy professional garage, workshop or MOT Bay. They come in many types, sizes, costs, and their features vary widely. Manual tyre changers are a good option for home mechanics or people who change car tyres infrequently, Semi-automatic tyre changers are a good option for smaller garages or mechanics who change car tyres a little more frequently and fully automatic tyre changers are the professional choice for mechanics who frequently change car tyres and for busy tyre shops, including mobile tyre fitters.

If you are considering the purchase of a new Tyre Changer or Tyre Machine Package and need any advice, help or finance to do so, please give our sales team at Concept Garage Equipment a call first.  We can advise on the best and most appropriate Tyre Changing equipment to purchase and can also advise on or supply tyre-fitting training for you and your staff.

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