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Roller Brake Tester (RBT) Class 4

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Concept Garage Equipment ATL brake testers are all MOT-approved and PC based. The results are calculated and stored, and the test procedure is in full compliance with the latest regulations.

This roller brake tester unit consists of a hot-dipped galvanised chassis fitted with rollers with durable, gritted roller surfaces for high friction co-efficiency. The motors are connected to the rollers via worm gears. These hold the rollers firm when the power is switched off and makes it easy to get the drive wheels out of the rollers. The brake force is measured with a strain gauge transducer. The roller unit is fitted with sensors detecting the presence of a wheelset on the rollers.

This system ensures that the rollers do not start accidentally. A speed sensor measures the wheel speed and the roller speed to ensure that the percentage of slippage is correct. The point of the wheel lock can be set at 4 different settings.


    • Easy-to-read display
    • User friendly
    • Modular construction
    • Microprocessor technology
    • Windows-based PC for printing and data storage
    • Winbrake Software running VOSA database
    • Colour A4 Printer
    • Prepared for future
    • Dual pointer display
    • Digital display showing:
      • Imbalance
      • Ovality
      • Weight
      • Pedal pressure
    • Lock-out light indicator
    • Pointer lock
    • Manual operation
    • 4WD operation
    • Date and weight key-in
    • Fused system
    • Pedestal or wall mounted
    • Galvanised roller unit
    • Gritted rollers
    • Worm gear (makes it easy to leave rollers)
    • Prepared for data transmission


    • Remote control
    • PC
    • Cabinet
    • Pedal pressure gauge
    • Second repeater screen (wall mounted) OPTIONAL AT EXTRA COST – Please call for details


Measuring range 0 – 600 kgf (kilogram-Force)
Roller unit
Length 660 mm
Height 300 mm
Width 2340 mm
Roller diameter 200 mm
Roller width 700 mm
Roller speed 2.9 kph
Weight 450 k
Motor effect 5,5 kW
Power supply 3 x 415 VAC 50 Hz
Drive-over weight 4 tonnes


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