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Wheel Aligner Space Active WS Bluetooth Wheel Alignment System

£5,949.00 +VAT

Price includes delivery & training!

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This 6-CCD Wheel Aligner System by Space features Infrared transmission among measuring heads. Bluetooth transmission is used between the front measuring heads and the main control unit at the cabinet. This wheel aligner system comes with everything you need to get up and running in wheel alignment, including 3-point wheel clamps and a 24-month warranty.

Maximum mobility between different working positions thanks to the absence of cables and any fixed structure. The steering procedure is carried out electronically, through the CCD sensors, so the caster and kingpin are measured with great precision.

Spoiler program – The Spoiler Program is automatically activated to perform the measurements on sport and tuned car bodies through a simplified procedure.

Easy data – Easy alignment.

This high-specification CCD wheel aligner by Space is a versatile, mobile wheel alignment system sold for much more money by other garage equipment suppliers and will fit in any modern workshop, garage or MOT Bay.


  • Data management and display program in the WINDOWS environment
  • Data bank with more than 90.000 vehicle data sheets
  • Vehicle number plate recognition INCLUDED
  • Android & Apple device licenses included
  • Further data sheets can be added by the user
  • Customer data bank for recording 20.000 jobs with search by customer name or vehicle plate number
  • 3-Point Wheel Clamps for Aligner Heads
  • Delivery & Training Included

*TERMS & CONDITIONS APPLY – 24 Months Parts and Labour Warranty


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