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About Armthorpe MOT and Service Centre in Doncaster – Recessed Scissor Lift

Armthorpe MOT & Service Centre have been operating in Doncaster for over 25 years as a family-run vehicle workshop and MOT testing centre.

Owner Lee Holmes needed a full-height scissor lift installed.

Lee spoke to Concept Garage Equipment and it was decided that to make the best use of space as well as the available height a full-height recessed 3.5T short platform scissor lift would fit the bill perfectly.

Why did Armthorpe MOT & Service Centre choose Concept Garage Equipment?

This job was by way of the stars aligning, as Sharon our Operations Manager who lives in Doncaster just happened to be having her car MOT’d at Armthorpe MOT, her local car service station, just at the time when they were on the lookout for a new lift!

So this is a perfect example of business working hand in hand with Concept Garage Equipment, and us being in the right place at the right time – all part of our efforts to be the best garage equipment and MOT Bay supplier in the UK for not only equipment but importantly for customer service too.

The lift was supplied, installed and tested and is now working hard for Lee and the team at Armthorpe, quickly paying for itself.

If you are based in Doncaster or surrounding areas and need any help with your car MOT or servicing, call Lee at Armthorpe MOT and Service Centre, and mention Concept Garage Equipment so that he knows we are still looking after them, even long after the equipment is installed.

How to contact Armthorpe MOT & Service Centre in Doncaster

Armthorpe MOT and Service Centre
unit 9, Gunhills Lane Industrial Estate, Armthorpe, Doncaster DN3 3EF

Tel. 07775 762128