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Mr Jones from Wales spoke to us a little while back about installing a 2-post car lift in his home garage, but this was always going to be a challenge, for both Mr Jones and for Concept.

Moving to Wales a few years ago with his wife, the family had several older Range Rovers that Mr Jones likes to work on in his spare time.Β  Despite Mrs Jones sadly passing away recently, Mr Jones was keen to make the most of his idyllic lifestyle in the Welsh countryside by focusing more time working on his prized vehicle collection.

The challenge we had was the garage roof height, as it was barely high enough to contain theΒ  UT40 1Ph 4T 2 Post Lift, but knowing we are never ones to shy away from such a challenge, Mr Jones asked if we could help.

Home Garage Lift Installed

It was a very tight fit, with the posts of this car lift almost reaching the roof itself, however, Mr Jones has plans to adjust the roof height to allow more room for both the lift posts and for his cars to be lifted with no risk of them being damaged by the garage roof.

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