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Today the DVSA has announced some upcoming changes to

  • MOT annual training
  • MOT Guide
  • BMW – R18, motorcycle tyre fitment

Note: the below information is transcribed verbatim from the DVSA website announcement page, to prevent any issues or misunderstandings or issues in communication:

1. MOT annual training

From 1 April 2023, the amount of required annual training hours will change.

1.1 What’s changing

The minimum amount of training required is being reduced from 3 hours of MOT tester training each year and 16 hours in 5 years, to 3 hours of MOT tester training each year.

1.2 Who the change applies to

The changes apply to:

  • all current testers
  • testers returning from suspensions or lapses

2. MOT guide

The MOT testing guide will be updated on 3 April 2023.

To see the full list of changes, select ‘see all updates’ at the top of the MOT testing guide to see what’s been updated.

Updates include:

  • amendments to the annual training requirement
  • information to prevent testers becoming lapsed
  • two factor authentication for testers
  • evidence of exclusive use

3. BMW – R18, motorcycle tyre fitment

These motorcycles are fitted with a radial tyre on the front and a bias-belted tyre on the rear. As they were type approved with this arrangement it should not be considered a reason for failure.

Text correct as of 1st April 2023, but please refer to the DVSA website below for any subsequent updates.

The full article as released by DVSA can be read on the DVSA website article linked below