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If you’re a car enthusiast or a DIY mechanic, having a car lift in your home garage can greatly enhance your abilities and make car maintenance and repairs easier and safer. Car lifts provide a convenient way to lift vehicles off the ground, allowing you to work comfortably underneath or around them without breaking your back or risking being under the vehicle on basic ramps or jacks.

We wanted to address the most common customer questions and concerns about buying, installing and owning a car lift for a home garage in the UK and delve into the products and services that Concept Garage Equipment can offer to help with this.

Why should I consider a car lift for my home garage?

Investing in a car lift for your home garage offers several benefits. First and foremost, it provides you with additional workspace by lifting your vehicle off the ground, allowing you to comfortably perform tasks that would otherwise be challenging on your back, and easy access to areas under the vehicle that you could not otherwise comfortably work on or access easily.

Car lifts also enhance your personal safety by providing a stable and secure platform for working underneath your vehicle.

Overall owning a car lift for your home makes repairs and maintenance of your own vehicles more efficient.

What types of car lifts are suitable for home garages?

Various types of car lifts are available for home garages, each with its own advantages.  Two of the most common types are two-post lifts and four-post lifts.

  • Two-post lifts are a popular choice as they offer a space-saving design, allowing you to work on multiple areas of your vehicle, but when not in use the arms can be moved aside and the two posts do not take up too much floor space. Additionally, since two post lifts raise the chassis of the car, you gain easy access to the wheels, brakes and suspension with no additional lifting device required.
  • Four-post lifts, on the other hand, provide additional stability and are ideal for longer-term storage as well as when you need to raise the entire vehicle to work on it. However, to work on wheels, brakes and suspension may require the addition of a jacking beam to raise the wheels above the 4 post lift platforms to access these.

Of course, selecting the right type of car lift for you depends on your specific needs, the vehicles you intend to work on or store, and the space and height available in your garage.

Are car lifts difficult to install in a home garage?

While car lift installation may require some expertise, it is not an overly complicated or lengthy process. Concept Garage Equipment offers professional installation services to ensure that your car lift is safely and securely set up in your home garage. Our team of trained technicians will assess your garage space, guide you through the selection process, and handle the installation with precision and care, as well as offer training to ensure you are using the lift correctly.

Even after the sale, Concept Garage Equipment can service and maintain your vehicle lift to keep your home car lift operating problem free for years to come.

Are car lifts suitable for all vehicle types and sizes?

Car lifts are designed to accommodate various vehicle types and sizes. Whether you own a small hatchback, a classic car, an SUV, or even a light commercial vehicle, there are car lifts available to suit your needs.

For commercial garages, lifts are classed as follows:

Most commonly for home garages, we see Class 4, and occasionally Class 7 lifts being installed to work on passenger cars or for storage of the owner’s vehicles.

Concept Garage Equipment offers a wide range of car lifts for all classes of vehicle, with different weight capacities, footprint and platform sizes, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of vehicles, so talk to us about what you’d like to achieve and we can recommend the best lift for your home garage setup.

Are car lifts safe to use?

Safety is a crucial consideration when it comes to car lifts. Concept Garage Equipment prioritises safety and only offers car lifts that meet stringent industry standards. The car lifts we sell feature robust construction, reliable locking mechanisms, and electric or hydraulic systems that provide smooth and controlled operation. It is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and guidelines and take advantage of the training offered following the installation for safe operation, including weight limits, correct positioning of the vehicle on the lift, and proper usage and locking for storage of a vehicle.

Can car lifts be used for storage purposes?

Yes, car lifts can be used for storage purposes, and we would recommend four-post lifts for longer-term storage or storage of heavier cars. They provide stable locking platforms for raising and storing your vehicle, freeing up floor space in your garage. This is particularly useful if you have multiple vehicles or limited parking space. Concept Garage Equipment offers four-post lifts that are particularly suitable for storage applications, ensuring your vehicle remains securely elevated for extended periods if necessary.

Before, during, and particularly after a long period of not being used, all lifts need to be checked to ensure no damage has been done, and that all parts are operating properly before using the lift to raise or lower a vehicle, this helps to ensure the lift is being maintained correctly and also helps address any safety concerns before they ever become an issue.  When dealing with industrial-strength machinery and heavy objects we always put safety first!

How high does a garage ceiling need to be for a lift?

To install a standard full-rise 2-post car lift or 4-post car lift you generally need a ceiling height of at least 11 feet (or 3400mm) to allow for the maximum height of the lift and a car that is parked on the platforms of the lift.

However, do call us to check and discuss your requirements as we can advise on the best solution for your unique set of requirements based on the types of vehicles you plan to be lifting, whether the lift will be for storage or maintenance or both, and the size of the garage you would like to install it into.

How thick should concrete be for a 4-post lift?

The minimal concrete depth that we recommend for either 2-post or 4-post home car lift installation is between 150mm (6 inches) and 250mm (10 inches).

The thickness of the concrete floor in your home garage will depend on the weight of the car lift and the vehicles that will be placed on it, as well as any other factors, such as the type of soil or subgrade beneath the concrete.  We can carry out a full groundwork survey and perform a drill test to check the depth and suitability of your concrete floor, so you are fully aware of the work and cost implications prior to committing to the home garage lift purchase.

Can you put a car lift in a normal garage?

Yes, it is possible to put a car lift in a normal home garage, however, there are a few considerations before considering installing a car lift in a normal residential garage.

  • Doors: many modern homes are built with small garage doors, so you need to ensure that the vehicles you plan to lift will fit into the doors of the garage.
  • Space: Depending on the type of car lift you would like to install will depend on the amount of space required to do so. Obviously, the footprint of a 2-post lift is substantially smaller than that of a 4-post lift when not in use, but taking into account the size of the cars you may be working on or storing, the overall size once lifted will need to be accounted for, as well as ample room to move around the lift columns.
  • Floor: the type, quality and depth of the floor are critical when installing a 2-post or 4-post car lift, as this offers the firm base to which the lift will be bolted down.
  • Height: you will need to ensure that the garage you intend to install the home car lift is of a suitable height to accommodate both the lift itself and the additional height of the car when sat on the lift arms or platforms. Generally, you would need a ceiling height of at least 11 feet, however, there are some exceptions to this, which we can discuss with you.

Can you install a car lift yourself?

Installing a 2-post or 4-post car lift is a skilled process, and although not hugely complex, the consequences of installing a part incorrectly, or missing a vital step could result in damage to your premises, the lift, your vehicles or yourself, so we would always recommend professional help in such an installation. Safety is the primary concern, and your lift warranty may also not be valid if the lift is self-installed. So even if you are an experienced mechanic, using a lift does not qualify you to install one, so always get professional help, and get the installation done correctly the first time.

What electrical sockets do I need for a garage car lift?

Car lifts can be powered by standard 240v (single phase) power, though some are 3-phase (400v) and some also require compressed air, so be sure to consult with our sales team to ensure you get the correct lift for you, and to prevent having to upgrade your home electrics if at all possible.

What distinguishes Concept Garage Equipment in the UK market?

Concept Garage Equipment is a reputable and widely recognised provider of garage equipment in the UK, known for its commitment to quality and customer service. We offer a wide range of car lifts, including two-post lifts, four-post lifts, scissor lifts, motorcycle lifts and ATL MOT lifts. With our extensive industry knowledge and expertise, we can guide you in selecting the best car lift for your specific requirements, weight, size and budget. Moreover, we provide professional installation services, ensuring that your car lift is installed correctly and safely.

Our dedication to customer support sets us apart, as we offer comprehensive after-sales service, including training, lift servicing, maintenance and repairs.

Investing in a car lift for your home garage in the UK can greatly enhance your car maintenance and repair capabilities. Concept Garage Equipment is a trusted provider of high-quality car lifts and associated garage equipment services, catering to the needs of customers across the UK. We deal with everyone from the home car garage owner, to large commercial vehicle garage workshops and MOT Bays.

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