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What is an Air Conditioning Machine?

An air conditioning machine is a piece of garage equipment that is used for regassing car air conditioning systems. They allow air and moisture to evacuate the system, which helps to recharge the system with the correct amount of refrigerant. Garages can accurately and efficiently regas vehicles due to the several valves, hoses and gauges on the machine to ensure the correct fitment and that a suitable amount of refrigerant is used.

What is Regassing?

Regassing is a service performed on car air conditioning systems. Over time, the refrigerant in the car’s air conditioning system is consumed at a rate of between 10-15% per year, which results in inefficient cooling. Regassing allows the refrigerant to be replenished and cooling performance to be improved.

How can garages make a profit?

There are several reasons why having an air conditioning machine creates a profit.

  • Regassing is a service that is in demand. Having an air conditioning machine means that your garage can offer the essential service of regassing. In modern vehicles air conditioning systems are crucial for providing occupants comfort. In Spring and Summer, more people use their A/C which leads to more people realising their car A/C isn’t working and needs a regas. This produces a steady flow of customers in the warmer months and ultimately an increased revenue stream. Garages can maximise their profits during these high-demand months by increasing advertising and offering package deals.
  • Car regassing can be a gateway to providing additional services. When customers bring their cars for regassing the air con, it gives the garages an opportunity to identify and address other issues. Garages can make more profit due to having aircon regas as a service.
  • Having a garage that specialises in air conditioning services can create a niche market. By creating a niche market it allows them to become experts at air conditioning services, which enables them to offer more premium pricing. This can attract customers who value specialised knowledge and attention to detail, creating a strong brand image and loyal high-paying customers.

How often does car air conditioning need a regas?

Due to the rate at which the refrigerant is used by the air conditioning system, which on average is about 10-15% per year, for maximum efficiency, we recommend car air con systems are re-gassed every 1-2 years, depending on the amount of usage, or sooner if an issue or lack of cooling is experienced.

How much does a car aircon regas machine cost to buy?

The cost of buying an air conditioning regas system can vary depending on a few factors:

  • Quality, make and model of aircon machine
  • Type of refrigerant used R134a or R1234YF
  • Tank capacity and vacuum pump
  • Additional features such as a printer or Bluetooth connection

You can buy a budget air con regas machine from around £1500 from Concept Garage Equipment. We only supply name-brand air con regas machines, reliable sturdy machines that cater for the main refrigerants and with an excellent warranty.

How much does a garage charge for car aircon regas?

The cost of regassing a car air conditioning system is set by the garage offering the service, the types of refrigerant they are using, and the type of vehicle upon which the service is being carried out. Still, these costs can range from £50 to over £200. The average for R134a aircon regas in 2023 is around £60, and for R1234YF it is around £130 according to a recent Checkatrade car aircon service cost guide.

How much profit can a garage make from an aircon regas machine?

Depending on the type, size and model of the air con regas machine, the number and types of vehicles you are likely to be working on and the charges that you put in place to supply air con regassing, will determine the amount of profit you can make from offering this as a service in your garage, but refer to our air con regas calculator below to get an idea of the potential profits you could make from this.  As a guide, with our budget Oksys Air Con regas machine, if you only charged £50 and did two car air regas services per day, you would have paid for the machine in less than 1 month!


Looking for a vehicle Air Con Regas Machine for your Garage?

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302YF Air Con Regas Machine by Oksys

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R134a Air Con Regas Machine by Oksys