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What are car air conditioning machines?

Vehicle air-con machines are used by garages to test and refill the refrigerant gas in vehicles, including cars, vans and heavy goods vehicles, to keep them correctly pressurised to ensure the air conditioning within the vehicle keeps working and maintaining a correct and consistent temperature.

What does an aircon regas do?

Air conditioner regassing is the process of extracting the old used refrigerant gas from the vehicle air conditioning system and replacing it with new A/C refrigerants such as R134a or R1234yf. This process re-pressurises the air conditioning system and will help to maintain the system whilst ensuring that the air is held in the vehicle’s air con system at the correct pressure and temperature. Usually, faults or the need to regas an a/c system are detected during the warmer months when it is not running cold enough, however, a correctly operational air conditioning system can also help to keep vehicle windscreens clear during the winter months.

What is R134a refrigerant?

R-134a (chemical designation: 1,1,1,2-tetrafluoroethane) is a hydrofluorocarbon. This is the most popular refrigerant used in air-conditioning equipment including car air con systems, and hence is often sold for use in car air conditioning regas machines.

What is R1234yf refrigerant?

R-1234yf (chemical designation: 2,3,3,3-Tetrafluoropropene, HFO-1234yf) is a hydrofluoroolefin (HFO).
This colourless gas is also used as a refrigerant in car air conditioners and hence is usually sold alongside R-134a for use in car air conditioning regas machines.

Can you use R134a in an R1234yf system?

No, these two refrigerants should not be mixed or used in machines unsuitable for them.

According to a study by iopscience the cooling capacity of a R1234yf A/C system is significantly lower (between 5 to 25 %) than R134a system, and the power of the compressor is slightly lower (up to 11 %) for refrigerant R1234yf compared to R134a. Hence the mixing of R-134a with R-1234yf will change refrigerant pressure and may result in evaporator freeze-up on pressure control systems, reducing system airflow.

The study is attributed to M Z Sharif et al 2020 IOP Conf. Ser.: Mater. Sci. Eng. 863 012049

How often should a car AC be recharged?

It is recommended by most car manufacturers that Air Conditioner systems in cars are regassed every two years. However if you detect issues with a customer’s vehicle air con, or they are complaining of it not cooling the vehicle well enough it may need to be done more often. It can also be affected by climate factors due to expansion and contraction as well as how frequently the AC is being used.

How much profit can a garage make from an aircon regas machine?

Depending on the type, size and model of the air con regas machine, the number and types of vehicles you are likely to be working on and the charges that you put in place to supply air con regassing, will determine the amount of profit you can make from offering this as a service in your garage, but try out our air con regas calculator using the link below to get an idea of the potential profits you could make from this.  You could pay for an AC recon machine in less than 1 month!

Why is the car AC not blowing out cold air?

There can be several issues that cause the AC to not blow out cold air. A clogged or dirty air filter can be an issue as they can restrict the flow of air, making it hard for the AC to blow out cold air. The AC system also relies on many electrical components such as sensors and switches, if these components malfunction the AC may not blow out cold air correctly.

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