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Decelerometer Tecalemit Autostop Micro Plus

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This Micro Plus Decelerometer is approved by the DVSA in the UK for all classes of MOT testing and is ‘connected’ Equipment Approved. Its lightweight and compact design mean that can be held in the palm of your hand.  This decelerometer comes with a 12-month warranty. 

The unit can be mounted anywhere in the vehicle and is self-orientating by determining its own orientation at the beginning of each brake test. It measures tri-axial deceleration, as well as forward deceleration and can store up to 10 tests.

There is a very simple to use 3 button operation and the test results can be downloaded to a Windows PC via the connection kit and transmitted to the DVSA MTS System (in order to communicate with the DVSA MTS System, software needs to be installed on a Windows 10 PC and the PC must have access to the internet in order to receive and transmit data to the DVSA).


  • Compact, battery-powered, vehicle brake performance tester
  • Multi-channel sensors measure the tri-axial deceleration of any vehicle
  • Evaluates the performance of the brakes by measuring forward deceleration, speed and stopping distance
  • Accurate and easy to use with a simple three-button operation
  • No installation required
  • Approved connected equipment for all classes of MOTs
  • Supplied with Windows PC software to communicate with the DVSA MTS system


Accelerometer accuracy +/- 2%
Resolution 0.01g
Linearity 0.2% transverse
Transverse sensitivity 2%
Output LCD display
Power source 2 x AA batteries
Temperature range -5°C – 50°C
Size 65mm x 140mm x 35mm
*TERMS & CONDITIONS APPLY – 12 Months Warranty

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