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Screw Compressor ABAC SPINN D2.2 90-200 Litre 3hp CFM 9.9

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This ABAC SPINN D2.2 Mobile Screw Compressor is the latest generation of screw compressor which is light, compact and portable but still able to output 3hp of power at 145psi and CFM (Dist) of 9.9

These Mobile Screw-driven air compressors from ABAC offer a compact yet high-performance compressed air solution, with incredibly low noise levels, at a similar volume to a normal close-proximity conversation between 2 people and so give garages that added volume comfort level during use, hence it can be installed close to or at the point of use, so you need less piping.

These compressors are fully mobile, and hence are easy to install and maintain and are perfect for any busy garage, MOT bay, tyre fitting business or bodyshop professional but are also a suitable option for the advanced amateur or home garage users. The compressors are efficient powerful electric-driven machines.

Easy to use, high-performance levels and simple to maintain, they come with 1-phase (230v) power: the SPINN is ideal for a wide variety of installation environments including metalworking, woodworking, stone working and sandblasting – all applications are handled with ease due to the efficient and reliable screw air compressor.

This kind of air compressor is extremely efficient and highly reliable and the robust build of the internal air network helps protect against corrosion and damage, therefore, increasing the life of this air compressor.  Also being mobile and compact makes moving and storing this air compressor unit a breeze!

The sound levels are 59 dB (A) according to DIN EN ISO 3744.


  • Hammering
  • Ratcheting
  • Screwing
  • Drilling
  • Spray Painting
  • Grinding


  • Improved Performance
  • Low Energy Consumption
  • Extremely quiet 59 dB (A) and Comfortable to use
  • Easy and cost-effective maintenance
  • Reliable, efficient and robust
  • Fully mobile unit with triple wheel design
  • 230V/50Hz/1Phase Power


Part Number
Airend Air Flow Pressure Tank Size Motor power Dimensions Weight
RECEIVER MOUNTED System CFM m3/min Psi Bar Litres kW HP L x W x H kG dB(A)
SPINN D2.2 90W 10 MEAA 230/1ph/50 4152044020 DOL Electro / Pneumatic C43I 9.9 0.27 145 10 90 2.2 3 1105 x 495 x 1085 112 59
SPINN D2.2 200W 10 MEAA 230/1ph/50 4152044021 DOL Electro / Pneumatic C43I 9.9 0.27 145 10 200 2.2 3 1430 x 616 x 1268 160 59


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