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TPMS Relearn Tool Autel TS508K Maxi

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Autel TS508K TPMS Relearn Tool with Auto Selection of Frequency for Fast Scanning, makes this an incredible TPMS Sensor Programming Tool.
These durable programmable TPMS MX-Sensors are fully compatible with the Autel Programmable TPMS MX-Sensor valves available on this website.


  • Vehicle-Specific Database (Domestic, Asian, and European)
  • Auto Selection of Frequency for Fast Scanning
  • Fully compatible with the Autel Programmable TPMS Sensors
  • Two TPMS Service Modes to Use: Quick Mode for Fast Installs designed for tyre/wheel shops; Advanced Mode To diagnose, repair and replace TPMS for repair shops
  • TPMS Status Screens for Easy Diagnosis
  • Shows ID matching in colour
  • Low Sensor Battery Indicator
  • Code Notification
  • Information – relearn procedures at the touch of the help button
  • Batch Programming – Program multiple sensors with one touch (up to 16 12. sensors at a time). Programs vehicle ECU to learn sensor IDs and positions
  • Activates ALL magnetic, frequency and tire deflation triggered sensors using 125Khz continuous or modulated wave signals
  • Receives both 315MHz and 433MHz signals
  • Reads / writes sensor IDs from vehicle ECU
  • Reads / clears DTCs of TPMS and resets Malfunction Indicator Light
  • Programs Autel MX-Sensors 315MHz or 433MHz wirelessly
  • Checks Remote Keyless Entry (Key FOB) for transmissions
  • Reads Data including sensor IDs, tire pressure, temperature, and battery condition.
  • OEM Part Number and relearn information
  • Displays different sensor relearn procedures for different OEM sensors. OEM sensor information display based on vehicle Make/Model/Year
  • Displays OBD locations for test vehicles
  • Pre-selection process offers faster activation and diagnostics
  • Provides visual and audible responses to confirm sensors are working properly
  • On-screen code definitions
  • Incredibly easy to use with intuitive navigation and step-by-step on-screen instructions
  • Proper LF signal to prevent being fooled by other RF signals
  • Built-in rechargeable 3.7 v Li-polymer battery
  • Automatic power-off to preserve battery life
  • Ergonomic design features strong housing and protective rubber boot
  • TFT Colour Display (320 X 240 dpi)
  • 8.0″ LED Capacitive touchscreen with 1024 X 766P resolution


  1. Copy by Activation.
  2. Copy by Manual Input.
  3. Auto Create 1-16.
  4. Copy By OBD.


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