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Wheel Alignment System Hofmann Megaplan megaline 88 Pro CCD

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This Hofmann Megaplan megaline 88 Pro CCD wheel alignment system is a wheel aligner that is both compact and highly functional. Driven by Haynes Pro vehicle data, it has more vehicle data than many other premium wheel alignment systems.

This premium compact wheel aligner from industry experts Hofmann Megaplan is a computerised alignment machine packed with features. The automatic charging system means that the measuring heads start charging from the moment they are mounted back onto the machine. The compact cabinet design allows for minimal space consumption.

This wheel aligner is compatible with two post lifts. Traditionally, wheel alignment needed a 4-post/scissor lift to work correctly. But, the Freeze Program built into the software and specially designed 2PK (2 Post Kit) allows the operator to take all of the readings at ground level, and then freeze the data. The vehicle is then raised to a comfortable working height for adjustments to be made and then lowered again to check that the recommended settings are now in place.

Wheel Aligner powered by Haynes Pro digital automotive


  • Automatic Charging: The in-built charging facility automatically charges the measuring heads when they are docked back onto the cabinet. This means that the operator no longer has to charge the heads manually.
  • Premium Quality 3-Point Clamps: These Italian-engineered 3-Point Clamps are light to carry, fast to set up, simple and rim-friendly.
  • Haynes Pro Software: This database & software provides continual live updates, the ability to add additional Haynes vehicle data, and automatic Number Plate Recognition which eliminates the need for manual data entry.
  • One Piece Heads: The clamps and measuring heads can be mounted on the cabinet and vehicle, which saves time, space and hassle.
  • Ergonomic Cabinet: It is compact and portable.
  • Mini PC: The compact and powerful Mini PC allows for more space inside the cabinet for additional storage.


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