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If you run a garage or an MOT testing station, you understand the importance of having reliable and efficient garage equipment. Among the many pieces of equipment in any workshop are vehicle lifts of course. Garage lifts not only speed up many essential mechanic jobs but also ensure the safety of both your employees and the vehicles being serviced. Unless you have an inspection pit, a vehicle lift is essential, and indeed can be better than a pit in many ways, whether it’s space-saving, or time-saving by giving the ability to work on the underside, sides and wheels/steering areas of the vehicle at the same time.

We’ve listed the main types of garage lifts below, and links to some additional helpful resources, but if you need any additional help or advice please call our friendly team on 0113 469 0572 today.

2 Post Lifts

2 post lifts are a staple in any vehicle workshop. They offer excellent versatility and are suitable for a wide range of vehicles, from cars to light vans. Their design means they take up minimal floor space when not in use, whilst allowing for easy access to the underside of the vehicle, making tasks such as maintenance, repairs, and inspections much more manageable.

The main types of 2 post lifts are known as symmetrical and asymmetrical based on the length of the 2 arms on each side of the car lift. Symmetrical two post car lifts have arms of equal length, while asymmetric 2 post car lift has one arm slightly longer than the other.

If you’re considering investing in a 2-post lift, our article on 2-post car lifts provides valuable insights into their features and benefits.

Car Scissor Lifts

Car scissor lifts are compact and space-saving, making them ideal for smaller garages or workshops with limited space. They operate using a scissor-like mechanism, lifting vehicles vertically. Despite their smaller footprint, they offer impressive lifting capacities and can accommodate various vehicle sizes. These come in 3 main types,

  • Recessed scissor lifts
  • Surface-mounted scissor lifts
  • Mobile Scissor lifts

Also for motorcycle lifting, there are scissor lifts specifically designed for this, with an even smaller footprint.

If you’re curious about how car scissor lifts work, check out our detailed article on how a car scissor lift works.

4 Post Lifts

4 post lifts are renowned for their stability and ease of use. They feature four support columns, providing a sturdy platform for lifting vehicles. These lifts are particularly useful for tasks that require extended periods of elevation, such as storage or wheel alignment.

To learn more about the benefits of 4 post lifts, take a look at our spotlight article on 4 post car lifts.

However any time you are working on the car wheels, tyres, suspension or work that would involve removing one or more wheels from the vehicle, you will also need a jacking beam to lift the vehicle wheels off the vehicle lift platform, see below for more about jacking beams.

Jacking Beams

Jacking beams are essential accessories for vehicle lifts, enhancing their functionality and versatility. A jacking beam is an adjustable, steel-framed hydraulic device used in conjunction with a 4-post lift, in order to lift a car further from the platform of the lift.

A Jacking beam allows for precise lifting of specific points of the vehicle, making tasks such as tyre changes, brake and suspension repairs more efficient, without having to lower the car lift or jack the car up using another tool or lift.

To understand the importance of jacking beams in your workshop, explore our informative article on jacking beams.

Motorcycle Scissor Lifts

Motorcycle lifts are a smaller version of the vehicle scissor lift, specifically designed to hold a 2 wheel vehicles, and much like car scissor lifts, are typically made of steel and powered by air or hydraulic cylinders.

Some car lifts can also be used for a lifting a motorcycle, if they are fitted with the correct adapters and attachments to do so, but if you are only working on motorcycles, for example in a Class 1 & Class 2 MOT bay, then the space saving alone makes it worth while investing in a dedicated motorcycle scissor lift.  A lift is not a legal requirement for a Class 1 & 2 MOT Bay, but it will make maintenance tasks such as inspections, oil changes, and general repairs easier and safer.

Shop online to see our motorcycle lifts or give us a call if you have a niche requirement, as we can source a wide range of motorcycle garage equipment.

ATL MOT lifts

When it comes to MOT testing, having the right equipment is paramount to ensuring accurate and efficient inspections. ATL (Automated Test Lane) MOT lifts are specifically designed to meet the rigorous demands of MOT testing centres.

These 4 post lifts offer advanced features such as automated operation and precise positioning, streamlining the testing process and minimising downtime, as well as being certified by DVSA for use during an MOT test.

With safety and reliability at the forefront, ATL MOT lifts provide the confidence and peace of mind necessary for conducting thorough MOT inspections.

At Concept Garage Equipment, we understand the importance of reliable equipment in maintaining the integrity of MOT testing. Contact us today to discover our range of ATL MOT lifts and elevate the standards of your MOT testing centre.

Commercial Van Lifts

Commercial vans often require specialised lifting equipment due to their size and weight. Commercial van lifts come in several types, these can be 2-post, 4-post, or scissor lifts, as long as the lifting capacity is suitable for van lifting.

Dedicated commercial van lifts are designed to safely and efficiently handle these vehicles, ensuring optimal performance and safety during servicing. If you’re in need of a commercial van lift, discover our recommendations in our article on the best commercial van lift.

Car Lifts for Home Garages

For automotive enthusiasts or DIYers with a home garage, investing in a car lift can improve your workspace to a professional level. Car lifts for home garages offer convenience and efficiency, allowing you to work on your vehicles with ease.  Depending on the space available, budget and the types of vehicles you intend to work on, both 2 post and 4 post lifts can work in a home garage, though you must ensure you have the correct power source for the lift you are purchasing.

Car lifts can be powered by standard 240v (single phase) power, though some are 3-phase (400v) and some also require compressed air, so ensure you know everything you will need to get up and running before buying your lift and booking the installation.  Our sales team can help with this decision and advise on anything else you will need.

Learn more about installing a car lift in your home garage by reading our insightful article on installing a car lift in a home garage.

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