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An MOT test is an annual check-up for vehicles that are over three years old in the UK – there is some speculation that this interval may change in the future, and a live government petition to stop this change from happening, but at the time of writing this is still valid.

You can read about the government petition to keep MOT tests being done after 3 years and every year thereafter here:
Industry Petition Launched To Stop The 4-1-1 MOT

During the Covid-19 pandemic MOTs were suspended and vehicle owners were given a 6-month exemption, this expired in March 2021, and as a result March 2021 and subsequently March 2022 had a spike in MOT tests being completed on vehicles across the UK.

Due to the annual MOT inspection schedule being in place, this means that the same spike in MOT tests is very likely to hit in 2023 also.

Are MOT tests due to peak in March 2023 ?

Are MOT tests due to peak in March 2023 ?


What do you need to be an MOT test centre?

To become an MOT Test Centre, first, you will need to make sure that you have the correct MOT training and qualifications to become an MOT tester. Without the correct qualifications, you will not be approved by the Drivers and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA).

You will also need to decide who should become the AEDM (Authorised Examiner Designated Manager). If you have one site, then this would need to be a director or sole trader of the business. This person would also need additional training to carry out the role of AEDM.

The DVSA have an excellent section on “How to apply to open, run or change an MOT test station“.

You will also require the premises and equipment to perform MOT tests of course

What we offer garages to become MOT Test Centres

Have you taken over a garage that needs the MOT bay connected, and up and running, ASAP?  Our dedicated administration team are on hand to get you through the VT01 application with DVSA.  We take the headache out of the application process for you.

We can offer all the MOT testing garage equipment, including DVSA-approved connected MOT equipment you need to get your garage fitted out to perform MOT tests.

And we can also offer all the necessary MOT training to get you fully qualified to be an MOT tester!

Help to set up your MOT Bay

If you are considering setting up a new MOT Bay, upgrading your existing MOT Equipment or are simply unsure if you will need connected MOT Equipment, please give our sales team at Concept Garage Equipment a call first.  We can advise on the best and most appropriate MOT equipment to purchase, and the MOT training needed.  We will also advise if you don’t need connected equipment depending on your MOT Bay setup and circumstances.

We can offer you advice over the phone at 0113 469 0572we have helped to advise, build, and set up hundreds of MOT Bays across the UK and we have a huge range of MOT equipment and tools. All product prices include delivery as well as free advice on the best use of the MOT equipment, or indeed any other garage equipment up to a full MOT Bay installation.

Call us today on 0113 469 0572 or use the website contact form today, we are here to help.